January 2016 LEGO Star Wars Rumours!

Recently, the French website MintInBox.Net revealed a list of rumoured 2016 Winter wave sets for the Star Wars theme. Again, these are just rumours….but when it comes to Star Wars, when was the last time rumours were wrong? It seems weird and occasionally a smaller set is a little off or a play set is based on a different scene but seriously, when was the last time rumours were really far off? Exactly. So I’d bank money that these set rumours are accurate to a certain extent. Also, I can’t possibly get in any trouble for mentioning Force Awakens news since this is all rumour and is completely inaccurate for all I know….(Sarcasm intended).


So, I’m going to list all the sets based on their respected sub-themes. Lets start with what many consider to be the least appealing: The Micro-fighters…


-Wookie Gunship

-TIE Advanced Prototype

-The Ghost

-2 Unnamed Force Awakens vehicles

So, 4 out of  6 of these sets will be Rebels themed, and they all sound pretty good, with all the vehicles being predominant in the show save the Wookie Gunship — seriously, it appeared for about 10 seconds in season 1, so unless it’s  in most of season 2 I don’t get the fuss over that ship….of course the Force Awakens sets are unnamed due to all the secrecy around it. All in all, a pleasing line-up, and I’ll be interested to see if we get any exclusive figures with these.


Next up, we have the regular System sets…

-Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber

-Hoth Attack

-Droid Escape Pod

-Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (ROTS version)

-The Pirate Transport (Force Awakens)

-Battle on Takodona (Force Awakens)

Here’s where the excitement begins! The Hoth Attack set should be nice, linking to the UCS Hoth Base which is all but confirmed for a Christmas release. This is similar to how the Ewok attack came out shortly after the Battle of Endor so that they could be used together. The Droid escape pod seems to be based off of the crash landing from the start of a New Hope, and the Carbon Chamber seems like we are finally getting a (somewhat) remake of Cloud City! And of course a prequel set just for good measure.

But those Force Awakens Sets…….The Pirate Transport, in my opinion, will be based upon some sort of vehicle used by the bandits on Jakku, who are seemingly commanded by Tasu Leech according to the leaked Millennium Falcon. The Battle on Takodona could really be anything. It may well be the biggest set of the wave (I hope), and I personally think this planet is the one seen in the ComicCon reel along with the Vanity Fair photo of Captain Phasma; I think this is based on the battle taking place in some sort of destroyed ancient building….

Screenshot (23)
Could this be Takodona?

And finally we have the Battle Packs….

-Force Awakens “Villain” Battle Pack

-Force Awakens “Hero” Battle Pack

-Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (Star Wars :Battlefront)

-Empire Battle Pack (Star Wars : Battlefront)

Battle Packs based off of this…? YES PLEASE!

If these set rumours are true I think that these will be the best Battle Packs since those classic first 2 waves of Clones, Droids, Rebels and Stormies. I normally buy 2 or 3 different Battle Packs in a wave, and buy a particular one in mass amount (for example, this year I purchased 1 of the Shadow Troopers and Geonosis Troopers but many Imperial Troop Transports). But if these rumours are correct, I will probably end up buying at least 2 of each in a heartbeat. No exaggeration.

Assuming the “Villain” Pack will be all Stormtroopers (hopefully, since they only appear in 1 set from this September Wave!) and the “Hero” Pack will be Resistance Soldiers, these will be a must -buy, especially since they’ll be out about 2 weeks after the film, meaning the hype will still be extremely strong. And, honest question — what LEGO Star Wars fan doesn’t want a Battlefront set with all the different classes? Honestly, tell me in the comments below if you are in that minority.

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