Leaked 2016 Angry Birds Minifigure Images

Over the weekend a few of the coming LEGO Angry Birds images were leaked in a very odd sort of way. They were shared by a Facebook user named Sky M. to MinifigePriceGuide.

In this image you’ll see Red, Matilda and Stella.

2016 lego angry birds


In this picture we see Bomb and Chuck.

lego 2016 angry birds minifigures


And then, here is another picture. Yes, a little weird that these figures were somehow obtained and then staged with cats.


One thought on “Leaked 2016 Angry Birds Minifigure Images”

  1. The top one was shared from Sky. The other two were on a taobao page for a few days and then pulled down. I think that the bottom tow were from someone in a factory in China? Not sure. They were talking about them being prototypes on the page in Chinese.

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