Black Panther Takes on Thanos Again in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Trouble in Wakanda”

It’s almost a week ever since Avengers: Infinity War arrived in cinemas last April, and plenty perhaps are still smarting over the developments. Spoilers ahead, but surely the loss of Wakanda’s King T’Challa, the Black Panther, weighs heavily on fans who watched his movie just this February. It’s so unfair.

Well, until we get to see the resolution to Thanos’ victory next year on Avengers 4, we might settle for this little offering by LEGO to promote their Avengers: Infinity War tie-in sets and merchandise. It’s called LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Trouble in Wakanda, an animated special on Marvel HQ.

As the subtitle pretty much spells out, this series of animated shorts will star possibly the coolest Marvel hero on film today, Black Panther. The Mad Titan Thanos is again stirring some bad juju over Wakanda, and T’Challa means to get to the bottom of it.


Leading his hometown allies, and with outside help from the Avengers, the Black Panther aims to scratch up and beat down anybody who messes with his beloved kingdom. Whether they be Klaue the mercenary, Killmonger the usurper, or Thanos himself. We can rest assured the LEGO special is pure action-comedy.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Trouble in Wakanda, brought to us by Marvel and Pure Imagination Studios,  will run five episodes long on Marvel’s official YouTube channel, Marvel HQ, starting May 11. Eventually, the five episodes will be compiled into a special premiering on June 3 on Disney XD. Wakanda Forever!

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