LEGO Dimensions Official Announcement!

Over the last few days, a few images have been released by Lego, showing multiple mini figures (such as WyldStyle, Gandalf and Batman) in front of a blue portal with the hashtag #BreakTheRules. We had no idea what this meant…until now.

Earlier today, an official announcement regarding this has been released, saying that these images were regarding a new game to be released on September 27th : LEGO Dimensions!

This is the starter set, containing the portal along with the above-mentioned figures. I hope they’re not glued to those stands!

The game will be similar to that of popular titles such as Skylanders, where minifigures are placed on to some sort of interactive plate, causing a virtual version of said minifigure to appear in-game. The starter pack will feature a buildable portal along with a Batmobile mini build, Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf figures. Additional packs containing Ninjago, Back To The Future,  Lord Of The Rings and The Wizard Of Oz characters will be sold separately.

Fun Packs will include a figure and a vehicle, a Team Pack contains 2 figures and their vehicles and a Level Pack contains a figure, a vehicle and an additional level.

You can pre order all of them over on Amazon, here for the UK and here for the USA.

What do you think of these new sets? I for one think the idea is great, but not at those prices! since these games are gonna be aimed at TFOLS and kids, I can tell you no one will want to spend that much!

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