LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Now Kicks In At L.A.’s E3.


It only gets BIGGER and BETTER with LEGO Dimensions Series 2 now making waves at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) now taking place in Los Angeles, California. Following the official reveal last week, the excitement over what has been dubbed as Series 2, Wave 1 of LEGO’s toys-to-life franchises are steadily building steam. With a promise of more packs to come in subsequent waves, both AFOLS and younger fans are all very eager to see what LEGO has to offer. We might not need to wait any longer since the promise of more great things to come for LEGO Dimensions may be revealed anytime soon since E3 stretches over until Thursday this week, June 16th.

As of to date, LEGO Dimensions’ Facebook page has been updated to include some pretty cool glamour shots that feature other characters that were not initially seen in the official E3 trailer. Take a look at these images.

abby yates beast boy et ethanhunt finn gizmostripe jake lumpy space princess mrt raven sloth

It was also revealed during the E3 plug for LEGO Dimensions that there are actually 20 licenses that are included in the current series rather than 17 that we originally listed. The initial wave will be released in September, followed by the release of future waves this November, January and March the following year. Watch the demo video below featuring the game’s cool Battle Arena mode and listen to what the producers have to say.

What other names or IPs that LEGO has in store for us in LEGO Dimensions? It’s just getting more and more exciting! Be sure to stay tuned here at the Brickshow for more updates.


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