LEGO Gotham City Chase Image + All 6 Mighty Micro Sets!

Per Flickr we are treated to images for a new Batman set…Gotham City Chase (76053) featuring Harley Quinn, Batman and Deadshot.

LEGO Gotham City Chase


And then we have images for all of the crazy and super fun Mighty Micro sets which are small and each includes two Super Hero minifigures in their racers.

LEGO Hulk vs. Ultron (76066)

76066-1 LEGO Hulk vs Ultron Mighty Micros

Captain America vs. Red Skull (76065)

LEGO Captain America vs. Red Skull Mighty Micros

Green Goblin vs. Spider-Man (76064)

LEGO Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin Mighty Micros

The Flash vs. Captain Cold (76063)


Robin vs Bane (76062)


Batman vs. Catwoman (76061)

LEGO Batman vs. Catwoman Mighty Micros


Which one do you want to build?

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