LEGO Ideas Project Merchant’s House Qualifies For Second 2016 Review.

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Just before retiring for the weekend, LEGO Ideas builder and AFOL bigboy99899 were treated with a very much welcomed surprise. His LEGO Ideas project Merchant’s House is now our fourth candidate for this year’s Second Review Stage following the phenomenal Voltron – Defender of the Universe, and the comedic, retro-fun builds of Spaceballs – Eagle 5 and The Addams Family Mansion. Since its inception six months ago, the Merchant’s House steadily won the hearts of the LEGO community with its nostalgic appeal and impressive building technique using unique shapes and intricate details.

Here’s what LEGO Ideas has to say.

Dear bigboy99899,

It appears that this merchant has been very fortunate. The rumours about the merchant’s high level of service for travellers has spread like rings in the water to the furthest corners of the kingdom. 10,000 weary travellers and knights from around the kingdom have flocked to this much spoken of Boarding House to lend their support and to experience its hospitality and glorious architecture.

You’ve used creative building techniques to create unique shapes and intricate details that impress viewers. Well done!

You can take a well deserved rest in your own Boarding House, as we now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

Merchant's House_01 Merchant's House_02 Merchant's House_03 Merchant's House_04

Based on a similarly designed, scaled model collectible from Tabletop World, bigboy99899’s entry is a celebration of the simple pleasures of the medieval life wedded with the most skilled building techniques of a master builder. With a removable roof, detachable floor, and a cool set of medieval minifigures, this impressive build is highly playable in spite of its complex build. I personally like the special medieval dinner set-up. Read on bigboy99899’s description followed by these close up and interior cutaway images. You may also check his Flickr page for more of his exquisite builds.

After getting Privilege from His Majesty of the King for obedient and honest service, the Merchant has built his own Boarding House. Sorely tired Travellers and Knights came there to rest and spend their precious gold coins for merchandise and well-forged weapons. Of course, from that yield of gold His Majesty withhold some tax also.

In this build I had the challenge with the roof. Various build techniques used for the walls. Every corner has its fine details, please look around. It was a huge fun to build this medieval theme.

Every brick connected with common bindings, stable and playable.

Merchant's House_cutaway Merchant's House_cutaway_02 Merchant's House_cutaway_03 Merchant's House_cutaway_04 Merchant's House_cutaway_05 Merchant's House_cutaway_06

Merchant's House_minifigs
Minifigures include the Merchant himself, his Wife and Child, a Visitor, and a Knight.


It seems that the Merchant’s fortune has now taken a different turn, where 10,000 of its visitors have joined together to promote their admiration throughout the land. We hope to see the fame of the Merchant’s House reach toy shelves anytime soon.

Now to enjoy of my sojourn in this wonderfully crafted boarding house…

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