LEGO Minifigures Series 16 71013 Now Being Offered At Toys R Us In The US and Some Selected LEGO Stores.

tru lego 71013

Promo Bricks gave us a heads up on what seems to be a legit offering of the much awaited LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 16, plus a closer look at the much desired minifigs that goes with it. We reported last May that Amazon France has already listed 71013 for pre-order.

This time around Promo Bricks reports that Toys R Us store at Appleton, Wisconsin has already announced the availability of Series 16 at their local store. TRU Appleton made the announcement via their Instagram account as you can see below.

UPDATE: As it seems, TRU Appleton removed their Instagram post. For those who missed it, this is the photo that TRU posted.

tru lego 71013

Another Instagram user posted his find a few hours ago, claiming that he was able to purchase his polybag at a local LEGO Store in Texas.

Lego store had new cmfs. We got a double if anyone is interested. #lego #legos #freelego

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A member of the Adult Fans of LEGO Facebook group also uploaded several images of his treasure trove of LEGO Series 16 minifigures. He claims that he was able to purchase an entire box at a TRU store in Texas. Here’s a closer look at the photos that he snapped.



Personally, these minifigures look so cool! I already like the guy in the banana suit and the kids in the penguin and imp costumes. We’ll keep you posted here at the Brick Show for more updates on the Series 16 minifigs, so be sure to stay tuned!

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