LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunter (30547) Polybag Found

It looks like LEGO Ninjago’s latest subtheme will also have a polybag of its own. After the reveal of its initial summer wave of LEGO Ninjago Free the Dragons sets which is based on the TV show’s Season 9 offering, it looks like LEGO has thrown in a polybag set to go along with it.

This particular LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunter (30547) polybag was found listed on eBay, and it looks like it features a unique Dragon Hunter minifigure not found in any of the seven sets originally revealed. There is no other information listed on the eBay posting regarding this polybag, but it is likely that it is made up of 50-60 pieces. I like the clever use of the LEGO Nexo Knights swords on the dragon’s legs and tail, and the over white color scheme of the dragon’s build. We don’t have any release date or price point as of the moment, but we’re sure to keep you posted once more info comes in.

LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunter (30547)

On a similar note, the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has just shared via its YouTube channel a teaser for the Ninja’s next adventure in the realm of Oni and Dragons. Though it is dubbed in Japanese, I have to say that there are some spoilers ahead so be warned. Thanks to Brick Samurai for the tip.



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