LEGO Ninjago Movie Books Revealed – More Details on our Ninjas, Garmadon, and a Stash of Cool Sets.

Amazon UK has recently posted several books dedicated to the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. This collection of books (a sticker collection, and two readers) reveals interesting, high-resolution details on how we can expect the minifigures may look like, together with some of the mechs and vehicles that we want to see as an actual LNM set. I am not really an over-the-top Ninjago fan, but seeing the details on these LNM characters and vehicle designs, makes me more excited to see the actual sets.


DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection



DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Shark Attack



DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Secret Ninja Force

Other than the exquisitely detailed minifigures of our young Ninjas, what I find equally impressive are the host of Garmadon’s marine-costumed henchmen. Aptly named to strike terror in the hearts of men (or minifigs), Garmadon’s Shark Army features several baddies donned in various sea creature outfits – a hammerhead, great white, puffer fish, octopus, and a jelly fish-like bubble head gear – all armed with melee and long range weapons such as fish nunchuks, starfish shurikens and fish launchers (hate to be on the way of those smelly weapons).


Their vehicles are awesome in themselves, especially Garmadon’s dark and menacing mech.


What I appreciate most about the LEGO Ninjago Movie are the highly detailed sets that were featured in its first official trailer. Though these sets look great on film and is most likely to be trimmed down a bit once offered to the general public as an actual LNM set, such down-scaling does not significantly reduce the impressive details on them. Two of these were partially revealed during LEGO Rebrick’s latest contest: the Green Ninja Mech Dragon (70612) and the Kai’s Fire Mech (70615), and this time we get to see another yet to be named tank-like battle vehicle which you can see below.

As we noted before, each of our young heroes also gets a makeover, with new costumes and hairpieces that complements their progress as a ninja and their coming of age.



These LEGO Ninjago Movie DK books are expected to hit store shelves in the UK on September, and August in the US. The LEGO Ninjago Movie will swing into action in theaters on September 22.




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    1. It’s not a long shot since we can expect as many as fourteen sets under the theme. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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