LEGO Ninjago Movie Official Set Images Now Out.

We now have several official images of the sets tied up with the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. LEGO intends to offer an extensive line-up of sets dedicated to the film, following the tradition of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie. In case you missed it, be sure to check out my previous post that covers most of what we know so far about the LEGO Ninjago Movie sets that are slated to be released.

Now, thanks to Hoth Bricks, we have several official images from some of these sets. Missing from these are those from the Flying Jelly Sub (70610), Garmadon’s Robo Shark (70613) and the yet to be revealed LEGO Ninjago Movie D2C (70620) sets. Check these out.


Spinjitzu Training (70606) – 109 pieces; €9.99; Minifigures: Kai, Zane


Ninjago City Chase (70607) – 233 pieces; €19.99; Minifigures: Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Shark Army Thug, Ham Officer Hat

Master Falls (70608) – 312 pieces;  €29.99l; Minifigures: Jungle Garmadon Kai, Sensei Wu


Manta Ray Bomber (70609) – 341 pieces; €29.99; Minifigures: Cole, Shen-Li, Great White Shark Army Gunner


Water Strider (70611) – 494 pieces; €39.99; Minifigures: Nya, Kai, Shark Army Thug, Puffer


Green Dragon Ninja Mech (70612) – 544 pieces; €49.99; Minifigures: The Green Ninja, Sensei Wu, Garmadon, Charlie


Lightning Jet (70614) – 876 pieces; €59.99; Minifigures: Jay, Ed, Edna, Crusty, Shark Army Thug, Jelly


Fire Mech (70615) – 944 pieces;  €69.99; Minifigures: Kai, Zane, Lauren, Henry, Hammer Head, Jelly


Ice Tank (70616) – ???


Temple of The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon (70617) – 1403 pieces;  €99.99; Minifigures: Jungle Garmadon, Cole, Kai, Nya, Jay, Lloyd, Zane


Destiny’s Bounty (70618) – 2295 pieces; €169.99; Minifigures: Kai, Jay, Zane, Nya, Cole, Lloyd, Sensei Wu


The LEGO Ninjago Movie is scheduled to hit theaters on September 22, 2017.




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