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LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter

Year: 2014 Theme: Ninjago Set Num: 70720 Pieces: 79 Minifigs: 2

The centerpiece of LEGO's Hover Hunter is the imposing Hunter itself, loaded with features including an in-dash computer, twin-jet engines, flick-fire missiles, claw clamps and its unique under-carriage rotating saw blade that annihilates anything in its' path.

Manning this formidable vehicle is a Nindroid, outfitted in metallic black and silver with fine detailing highlighting his chest armor and helmet. Nindroid is armed with a pair of hand-held attack blades for close combat. Ninja Cole is Nindroid's adversary, and his traditional black Ninja suit is also impressively detailed, while his fighting skills are embellished by a deadly Techno-Blade with which he hopes to defeat the evil invader.

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