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LEGO Ninjago Kai Fighter

Year: 2014 Theme: Ninjago Set Num: 70721 Pieces: 196 Minifigs: 2

LEGO's Kai Fighter contains 196 pieces and two mini-figures and features a civilian vehicle that's been re-purposed to battle the bent-on-destruction General Cryptor on the streets of New Ninjago City. With the addition of a Techno-Blade, Kai levels the playing field, utilizing gold-tipped flick fire missiles while evading Cryptor's deadly laser-rocket salvos. The Fighter's distinctive red and gold exterior is eye-catching and is equipped with jet engines, adjustable wings (for speedy and evasive manuevers), with Kai comfortably at the controls in the cockpit.

Both mini-figures are impressively outfitted (Crypto with special armor) and intricately-detailed torsos. Kai's outfit is in his trademark red with matching bandana and sports a fierce expression as he seeks to rid the city of the evil General's menacing presence.

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