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LEGO The LEGO Movie MetalBeard's Duel

Year: 2014 Theme: The LEGO Movie Set Num: 70807 Pieces: 412 Minifigs: 3

MetalBeard has been rescued from the scrap heap to do battle with Micro Manager in the LEGO Movie set, MetalBeard's Duel, a large (412 pieces) set recommended for builders ages 8-14.

Rebuilt from scrap iron ship parts, MetalBeard now includes repurposed features such as a cannon arm, a shark arm and holstered pirate sword to defend himself as well as protect his prize parrot and treasure chest from Micro Manager's deadly claws. Three mini-figures are included (Frank the Foreman, Skeletron, Robot SWAT), while the pirates come equipped with guns, binoculars, identifying flags and an anchor and rudder. MetalBeard measures 7" high, 2" long and 8" wide while Micro Manager is similarly-sized at 6" high, 3" long and 3" wide, giving builders plenty of leeway to construct epic-sized scenarios.

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