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LEGO Star Wars A-wing Starfighter

Year: 2013 Theme: Star Wars Set Num: 75003 Pieces: 177 Minifigs: 3

The ground-breaking "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" film is chock full of exciting battle scenes, and one of the more unforgettable weapons used is the A-Wing Starfighter, a true jewel of the Rebel Alliance Fleet. This unique craft is featured in the LEGO Star Wars Set, A-wing Starfighter, and the 177-piece set makes an undispensible addition to any Star Wars (or LEGOs) aficionado's collection.

Few "arrows" in the Alliance's "quiver" struck as much fear or trepidation into the dark heart of the Evil Empire as this super-fast starfighter. This richly-detailed figure comes with three mini-figures; the iconic Han Solo and Admiral Ackbar, as well as an A-Wing pilot. The pilot's helmet, available for the first time in the LEGOs line, is sure to be highly sought-after by collectors, while other features include four flick missiles, a removable engine, a blaster pistol, a mug and a wrench. The A-Wing's cockpit opens and closes, with the starfighter itself measuring two inches high, seven inches long and five inches wide.

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