LEGO Super Star Destroyer is Retired

After visiting my local LEGO Store today to take advantage of the double VIP points, I discovered that the LEGO Super Star Destroyer is retiring. They did still have a few in stock (although 1 less than they had when I got there). Now, if you have your eye on this set, get to your store NOW! Retail price is $400 and once your local LEGO store is out, that will be it. We anticipate that this set will reach $1000 on eBay within a year. Amazon does still have many of these in stock at retail price, but those may not last long either now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag.



Watch Us Build This Beast!

4 thoughts on “LEGO Super Star Destroyer is Retired”

  1. I love you guys but with all due respect, you do not know for sure the SSD is retiring for sure

  2. US Lego shop simply says temporarily out of stock. The GB shop it’s available with no issues though. Could simply be a stock thing.

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