LEGO Technic 2018 Official Set Images Released!

In our last leg of new 2018 LEGO sets to be officially revealed today, and hot on the heels of the latest 2018 City and Creator sets that were unveiled earlier, we now have five (5) more sets added to the roster of the LEGO Technic theme. I’m not an avid fan of the Technic line, especially with its oversaturated vehicle builds. However, I have to say that I am impressed with the Racing Yacht (42074) and the mechanics of its steering mechanism. I’m also curious how the WHACK! (42072) and BASH! (42073) are designed since they seem to complement each other. Here’s the rest of the images. We’ll update you as soon as more official images are uploaded via LEGO’s servers.

Dozer Compactor (42071); 171 pieces

WHACK! (42072); 135 pieces


BASH! (42073); 139 pieces


Racing Yacht (42074); 330 pieces

Hook Loader (42084); 176 pieces

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