LEGO Technic Summer 2016 Official Images Released.

42053_prod 42054_prod

42055_prod 42056_Prod-min

A few months back, we had a glimpse of what LEGO has in the works regarding their latest summer offerings under the LEGO Technic line. First spotted at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany last January, these latest sets focused on the impressive intricacies of heavy machines such as the LEGO Technic Volvo EW 160E (42053), LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC (42054) and the LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055). It was finally capped off by LEGO’s latest Technic flagship model that celebrates the automotive genius of the iconic Porsche with the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056).

Now, thanks to Bricker, we now have our official images for these latest LEGO Technic offerings, particularly for the first three in the series, with 42056 revealed earlier last April.


LEGO Technic Volvo EW160E (42053) No. of pieces: 1,166; SRP: $119.99

42053_box1_v29 42053_box5_v29 42053_prod


LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC (42054) No. of pieces: 1,977; SRP: $179.99

42054_box1_v29 42054_box5_v29 42054_prod


LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) No. of pieces: 3,925; SRP: $279.99

42055_box1_v29 42055_box5_v29 42055_prod



Source: Bricker via The Brick Fan

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