Let Creativity Grow With the All-New LEGO.com/Classic

LEGO.com has recently revamped its official LEGO Classic theme page to include several new, and engaging content. For those of you who grew up on LEGO, chances are, you may still feel a bit of nostalgia for this theme which offers the basic building experience for any beginner LEGO enthusiast. The Classic theme is like the seedbed of inspiration and creativity in which LEGO has been built on, and TLG knows this very well.

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The updated Classic website now includes a Building Instructions page where you can find all the instructions for building the LEGO Classic sets from 2015 to the yet to be released 2017 sets. You may find more info on these sets by heading over at our database, or by clicking on the links below.



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Creative Builder Box (10703)
Creative Box (10704)
Blue Creative Box (10706)
Red Creative Box (10707)
Green Creative Box (10708)
Orange Creative Box (10709)



10702 1 10705 1

XL Creative Brick Box (10654)
Creative Building Set (10702)
Creative Building Basket (10705)



10692 1 10694 1

Creative Bricks (10692)
Creative Supplement (10693)
Creative Supplement Bright (10694)
Creative Building Box (10695)
Medium Creative Brick Box (10696)
XXXL Box (10697)
Large Creative Brick Box (10698)


What I particularly like about the new site is their inclusion of a page that allows you to discover your own inspiration. Every month, the Inspirational Builds page will feature simple steps and activities that you can take to help you boost your creativity. To further help you get in touch with your creative self, LEGO took the extra mile of including a Designer Bios page where the seven-member team of LEGO Classic designers explain their creative backgrounds and offer building tips.

Mainstage Insp Builds


The site also features a page where you can find several stop-motion Videos that show how your LEGO Classic creations can be brought to life with a little bit of imagination and creative storytelling. Similar to its other themed sites, LEGO has also included a Gallery page where budding master builders can upload and share their own creations. To upload photos of your MOCs, you can either head over to the page directly, or use the LEGO LIFE app.




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