MOC Monday! 14 Amazing LEGO AT-AT MOCs

Vote below the video on which of these 14 LEGO AT-AT MOCs you think is the best!

6 thoughts on “MOC Monday! 14 Amazing LEGO AT-AT MOCs”

  1. Okay talk about an awesome video! I mean I am a HUGE fan of THE BRICK SHOW and of the ATAT and combined its like POOOOOWWWWW!

  2. These sort of remind me of the time when I made my costume hero & villain moc’s (they were sort of based of batman) The Black Crow (Hero) & Frogert (Villain) Frogert had a big frog type AT-AT (It wasn’t a AT-AT, I forgot what the other version is called, the 1 with 2 legs) And the Black Crow had a airplane (Which a month after making it I needed the parts and destroyed it *sigh* like always…)

  3. It was hard picking between 3 and 5, but I decided on 3, because it is just sooo cute!!

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