MOC Spotlight! – LEGO Monstrum Maris

Hello and welcome back to MOC Spotlight!

This week, I caught up with Jonas A.K.A Legopard over at Eurobricks about another fantastic MOC.  This week, we have the Monstrum Maris.

Monstrum Maris

// thought that this MOC deserved this week’s Spotlight due to the very unusual but superb building techniques that make up the ship, including a variety of tiles, slopes and even fabric pieces. The trans-clear pieces used to make up the waves are all perfect, really creating the illusion of some sort of massive water disruption under the boat which in this case is a huge sea beast! The tentacles for this monster further show the great depth of detail put into this model.

Taurus - Sailing Ship//

Taurus - Details//

So, now lets here what Jonas had to say!

1. What inspired you to make this MOC?
Currently I’m competing in an contest where the task is to use the silver Technic connector in my creations.  The idea to use the part as a historical cannon alone was too boring, so I thought about a scene that could fit around it.  The ship and the creature gave me even more opportunities to use the seed part.

2. How long did this  MOC take to build?
The sailing ship was done in 12 hours. For the wave and the monster I needed another 5 hours.3. How many pieces would you say were used in this MOC?
I’m pretty bad at estimating, but I would say 1500 pieces. The brick built water was very part intensive.4. Were there any features of the MOC that you wanted to include but couldn’t because of issues like money and piece availability?
I wanted to give the scene even more action by filling the sails with wind — not literally, but simulate the wind with curved sails. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good looking solution to bend the LEGO fabrics like that.5. Any unusual building techniques used?
There is probably nothing, that is completely new, but the way I did the body of the sailor is something you don’t see that often.
To get the iconic curved shape of the ship I used several 1×4 tiles and 1×4 plates to get long planks. Then I connected these planks on the front and at the rear of the ship and bend them.6. Any advice for first-time builders?
This are the points I would give someone who is new to the hobby or right at the beginning:1.Get your bricks by buying sets. Especially sets with parts/colours you like. (Important to get a base of different brick types to build on to.)2. Take the sets apart; building sets is a good thing, because you can learn techniques and ways to use parts, but when you want to make MOCs, you will need all your bricks.3. Sort your bricks — how accurately you do depends on the size of your collection, but sorting a bit by colour and/or part always helps you to get a better overview about what you have.

4. Start small. Yes, there are people out there who easily fill several square meters with their buildings, but they all started small. Realizing you planned too big is frustrating and even on a 32×32 stud footprint is a lot of place for details and interesting techniques.

5. Get inspiration. Look at build you like (e. g. on Flickr) and try to figure out how it is built. When you find new techniques you should try them out on a small creation so you know how they work and maybe you will need them someday in the future.

6. Build what YOU want. Building something will always be a challenge and there are always points where you struggle and maybe don’t find a solution in the first try. If you aren’t really motivated to build this creation you will not be able to handle that situation. Sometimes it’s worth to think first about what you want to build, what parts could be difficult to build and if you have enough bricks for that.

7. What is your all-time favourite MOC made by someone else?
One of my favourite builders is Michael Jasper, who is a perfect example what you can do with a few bricks in a small scale:


8. What MOCs can we expect in the future?
The contest ran until 29th February, so there’s plenty more builds with the silver Technic connector.
Beside of that there are still a lot of other ideas on my list.
I will try to build at least one creation a week. So every Thursday a new creation!

9. Where can people find you? (Flickr, Twitter, eurobricks etc)
On Flickr.

I want to thank Legopard for his cooperation, and be sure to look out for more MOC Spotlights coming soon!

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