MOC Spotlight! — Star Wars Battlefront : Battle On Sullust

I’d like to welcome all of you to a new segment over here on the blog — MOC Spotlight! Now, some of  you may be wondering what differentiates this from the regular articles that highlight and discuss MOCs (such as Albert’s recent article on this Fortress Of Solitude build). Well, in short, what makes this new segment  slightly different is that we will actually ask questions to the original builders of the MOC, asking about a variety of factors such as building techniques and advice for first-time builders. It should be a lot of fun!

So, to kick off this weekly segment, I managed to get in contact with Markus1984 over on Eurobricks, who has made this amazing Sullust MOC based off of the recent Star Wars : Battlefront game.


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I thought this MOC deserved the Spotlight due to the huge amount of detail, terrain-building and  in-game accuracy achieved on a MOC that is actually not much bigger than a 32×32 baseplate.

The rebels are made up of humans and Rodians, some of which has the Jump Pack Star Card equipped. One has found the Smart Rocket Pick-up, and all use a mix of weapons to represent such in-game rifles as the E-11, Pulse Cannon and the RT-97C. The Imperials are also game accurate, with the pauldrons distinguishing them as Sullustan-specific troops, along with 2 Scouts and even one lucky player who has found the Hero pick-up…they seem to have chosen Boba Fett!

The terrain is also spot-on, with the lava river, turbolaser, bunker and raised platform all being found in-game.

So, how about we ask Markus some questions?

1. What inspired you to make this MOC?

I have been in love with Star Wars since I was a child, so I have built many MOCs based off of the movies and games over the last few years. I was waiting for so long for the new Battlefront because I missed the first one when it came out a while ago. And, best of all, I have new in-game material to build MOCs off of! Also, Sullust is a great in-game map so I had to make it!

2. How long did this MOC take to build?

It didn’t take me too long; about 2 weeks with some breaks here and there.

3. How many pieces would you say were used in this MOC?

I can’t say exactly how many, but I think it’s approximately 8,000 parts. The round 1×1 plates alone are 1,000 pieces, and with all the small plates and slopes I think 8,000 sounds about right.

4. Were there any features of the MOC that you wanted to include but couldn’t because of issues like money and piece availability?

Not really. From the parts I had used in older Star Wars and Castle builds I have enough pieces left over from previous MOCs, and money is no big problem. This picture is a year old but here you can see my building room — I have no shortage of pieces!


5. Any advice for first-time builders?

I can only refer to how I started building 6 years ago when I started collecting LEGO again. You’ll need to watch as many videos highlighting MOCs and building techniques as you can! Make some test builds and then make a little plan about the size of the MOC and the parts you need for it. Its better if you build smaller MOCs that are highly detailed instead of large, basic ones. The MOC will look better, and you’ll have some empty baseplates leftover to store extra minifigures!

6. What is your all-time favourite MOC made by someone else?

Sorry, I couldn’t call it. I think there so many amazing MOCs and fantastic builders with such a variety of different categories that it is too difficult to say which one is the best.

7. What MOCs can we expect in the future?

Hold up, Spoiler alert! Maybe a small little MOC for the Imperium der Steine RPG called “Neun Reiche”,  and also a section of the Hoth Echo Base in minifigure scale.

8. What LEGO sites do you tend to use and what can people expect to find you using? (Flickr, Twitter, Eurobricks etc)

My favourite pages are the German LEGO site Imperium der Steine, Flickr and EuroBricks — keep in mind I don’t really like posting in English — It’s not my first, or preferred, language 🙂

So, there we have it! I want to thank Markus for his fantastic co-operation and his amazing building skills. If you want to see more of his great work, such as his other Battlefront themed MOC, The Battle of Hoth:


Then look up Markus1984 on Eurboricks, or you can find him on those sites listed above.

Tune it next week for more MOC Spotlights!

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