More New Characters Are On Their Way In LEGO Dimensions Series 2.


It has been a great and exciting day with LEGO unloading a ton of great, new sets for LEGO Dimensions. The inclusion of classic and newer names in LEGO’s toys-to-life genre somehow gives it’s a much needed push by breathing new life in this corner of the gaming industry. Furthermore, LEGO does not only offer an impressive array of new titles in what has been called as LEGO Dimensions Series 2, but the new expansion also introduces a new game experience with the Battle Arena – a competitive, split-screen four-way brawler like battle that can be unlocked in the Adventure World specific to a corresponding entertainment property. Each has four different modes and comes with its own special powers and environments. The minifigures included in the first wave from Series 2, including those that will be announced later on, are all bundled with a golden base that will let you unlock a particular Battle Arena, as IGN mentions.

Now that we have six titles revealed in this first wave of sets under LEGO Dimensions Series 2, let’s take a look at some of the titles and sets that will be revealed later on. As most of you are aware of, almost all of what we know right now about LEGO Dimensions Series 2 has already been leaked through various forums since September last year. Now that the official E3 trailer is out, let’s see how accurate these sources are. Hopefully LEGO Dimensions and Warner Bros Interactive will reveal more once E3 kicks in this Sunday, June 12, and until June 14.

Posted by a certain Paperballpark in the UK, the following list first appeared in Brickset’s forum sometime in September last year. Since then, it has made its round across the Internet and LEGO was quick to do some damage control. But since we’re dealing with the Internet, we all know that keeping a tight lid on this once its out is virtually impossible. The said list consists of serial numbers and acronyms that pertain to a particular IP. I included the complete name of the set as it was revealed on LEGO Dimensions Series 2 official trailer.

71242 GB 1 (Ghostbusters Story Pack)
71243 HP 1
71244 S1
71245 AT 1 (Adventure Time Level Pack)
71246 AT 2 (Adventure Time Team Pack)
71247 HP 2 (Harry Potter Team Pack)
71248 MI (Mission: Impossible Level Pack)
71249 AT 3
71250 GB 2
71251 Mr T (A-Team Fun Pack)
71252 KR
71253 FB 1
71254 TTG 1
71255 TTG 2
71256 GR 1
71257 FB 2
71258 ET 1
71259 Connectable 1
71260 Connectable 2
71261 Connectable 3
71262 Connectable 4
71263 Connectable 5

Noticeably as a matter of deduction, Wave 1 of Series 2 (some have called it Wave 5) also reveals the names of the other titles as well. Furthermore, the official trailer also confirms the other sets mentioned in the above mentioned list. Since LEGO Dimensions sets come in Fun, Level, Team, and more recently Story Packs, we can see that a particular entertainment property may have 2 or 3 such packs under its name.


71243 HP 1, 71253 FB 1, 71257 FB 2 – Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

legodimensions-fantastic beasts


71244 S1 – Sonic the Hedgehog



71249 AT 3 – Another Adventure Time set, it could either be a Fun Pack or Story Pack

71250 GB 2 – Another Ghostbusters set, it could also be a Fun, Level, or Team Pack


71254 TTG 1, 71255 TTG 2 – Teen Titans GO!

legodimensions-teen titans


71256 GR 1 – Gremlins, coding it as GR1 implies that another set from this license may also be revealed in future waves later on. 



71258 ET 1 – Steven Spielberg’s E.T. or Extraterrestrial  



As you may have realized by now, the list is somehow incomplete with no mention or reference to the Goonies’ Sloth.


There are is also other sets that were mentioned in the list but has not been specifically revealed or shown in the video such as 71252 KR (rumored to be that from the Knight Rider franchise), and those that were tagged as Connectables – 71259, 71260, 71261, and 71262. IGN further reports that other names from other licenses such as the LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO City Undercover, The Powerpuff Girls, and Beetlejuice will be released in product waves stretching into summer of next year.

So what do you think about the latest LEGO Dimensions Series 2? Do you think LEGO may have hit a lifeline in reviving the toys-to-life genre and perhaps save it from a fate similar to that of Disney Infinity? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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