More of LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Pours Out From E3.

LEGO Dimensions
Warner Bros Interactive and TT Games have been highly engaged with all the interviews and product demonstration going on over at E3, since the announcement of the bigger and better LEGO Dimensions Series 2. In their recent interview with IGN’s Max Scoville, Game Directors for TT Games James Mcloughlin and Arthur Parsons further revealed that there is more cool stuff waiting for fans of LEGO Dimensions. Not only do we need more storage space for this next wave of uber cool minifigures and sets coming from more than 16 IPs and licenses, but we’ll also be getting new Story Packs featuring 6 levels of seriously fun gameplay that allows gamers to play out the entire movie. Listen to what James and Arthur have to say about LEGO Dimensions’ latest Story Packs.

The powerhouse duo from TT Games further disclosed that we can expect more Story Packs coming our way after the initial offering of the all-new Ghostbusters Story Pack. Big screen titles such as Fabulous Beasts And Where to Find Them, the 80’s classic Goonies, and even the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie will all have their separate Story Packs. It’s like having separate character packs, but a whole lot bigger in terms of levels and gameplay.

legodimensions-fantastic beasts legodimensions-sloth-goonies LEGO Dimensions what took you so long

Story Packs also allow LEGO builders more options of dressing up their LEGO Dimensions ToyPad depending on the movie or IP that is featured. Even if you’re not that much into video gaming, the exclusive minifigures themselves are more than enough to stir excitement within the minifig collectors community since they can only be found in LEGO Dimensions sets. One particular example is the Gizmo and Stripe minifigures from the film Gremlins. Excitement is also slowly building up with the inclusion of Sonic in the long line of LEGO Dimensions characters. It seems that LEGO is intentionally keeping more reveals at bay since we only have a very brief look at the fastest hedgehog in the face of the planet as seen in LEGO Dimensions’ official trailer.

In other news, FamilyGamerTV also had an interview with Arthur Parsons where the latter revealed several featured gameplays coming from the new Ghostbusters, Mission Impossible, Adventure Time, and the much awaited Battle Arena.

LEGO Dimensions Series 2, Wave 1 will be released in September followed by future waves this November, January and March the following year.

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