No Starch Press Celebrates The Amazing World Of LEGO Mini-Scale Building With Mattia Zamboni’s ‘Tiny LEGO Wonders’.


Perhaps other than epic-sized MOCs and other larger and impressive LEGO sets, it’s the humbly small and yet ultra-realistic builds that never fail to catch our fancy. If you recall, we reported on some of the best LEGO themed books that you don’t want to miss this 2016. This time around, in celebration of the wonderfully small world of LEGO mini-scale building, No Starch Press announces one of its most recent publications in Mattia’s Zamboni’s book, ‘Tiny LEGO Wonders’.

Here’s the publisher’s official press release together with some sample pages that you can find inside the ‘Tiny LEGO Wonders’.

Tiny LEGO Wonders
Build a lot with a little in the “new LEGO bible”

San Francisco, CA (June 14, 2016) — While some LEGO models require thousands of pieces, anyone can make an impressive replica with fewer than 10 bricks, a dash of creativity, and the latest book from No Starch Press.

Hailed as the “new LEGO bible” by VICE, Tiny LEGO Wonders (No Starch Press, $24.95, 208 pp., July 2016) is a collection of step-by-step building instructions for 40 compact yet realistic miniscale models—each built with fewer than a few hundred bricks. Packed with stunning models of engineering feats like a muscle car, a fire engine, a Swiss locomotive, and wooden ships, Tiny LEGO Wonders teaches readers how to make the most of their LEGO collection, no matter its size.

The pint-sized models in Tiny LEGO Wonders include:

  • • A space shuttle and crawler-transporter
  • • Emergency vehicles like choppers, police cars, and fire trucks
  • • A cruise ship, freighter, and wooden ships
  • • An Airbus A380, F-15 Eagle, and V-22 Osprey
  • • Flatbed trucks and cement mixers
  • • Race cars like the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F1
  • • A fleet of sci-fi military vehicles
  • • Bullet trains like France’s high-speed TGV train

According to No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock, “Miniscale building has fascinated me since I watched a friend build an airport from a cupful of LEGO bricks. Tiny LEGO Wonders finally makes miniscale building make sense.”

Tiny LEGO Wonders will be available online and in fine bookstores everywhere this July.

TinyLEGOWonders_Fastback TinyLEGOWonders_FireEngine TinyLEGOWonders_IntercityExpress TinyLEGOWonders_Plane



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