Official Box Art Images for LEGO Mighty Micro Sets + Gotham City Chase Set

We now have box art for the full line of the Mighty Micro sets from LEGO Superheroes. At the bottom you will also find the box art for the coming LEGO Batman Gotham City Chase set.

LEGO Robin vs. Bane (76062)

LEGO 76062



LEGO Flash vs. Captain Cold (76063)

LEGO 76063


LEGO Batman vs. Catwoman (76061)

LEGO 76061


LEGO Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin (76064)

LEGO 76064


LEGO Captain America vs. Red Skull (76065)

LEGO 76065


LEGO Hulk vs. Ultron (76066)

LEGO 76066


LEGO Gotham City Chase (76053)

LEGO Gotham City Chase


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