Double VIP Points March 7 – 22 In LEGO Stores / Online

Today starts the beginning of double LEGO VIP points both in LEGO stores and online. Double VIP points is essentially a 10% savings on future purchases so it’s a great deal on LEGO store exclusive sets and any sales they may be running at the same time.


Stephen was in his local store this morning and saw additional Easter sales including the following sets:


This Transforming LEGO Brick Is More Than Meets The Eye

Japanese LEGO builder Moko shared in his blogsite what seems to be a highly articulated, LEGO MOC that shows an unassuming LEGO brick transforming to a cool, ‘mecha’ or robot. The build is actually similar to the Autobot named Hot Rod as seen in the 80s animated series of Transformers. Based on a rough Google translation, the transforming LEGO brick was designed at a 1:27 scale of the typical 2×4 brick, big but comfortable enough to hold at the palm of your hand.

This particular creation is highly articulated, with plenty of joints that allow this MOC to easily transform from one mode to another.

It is highly posable as well, rendering the transforming LEGO block to do some pretty cool battle stances.

I wish I could get more info on our Japanese creator’s blog without being lost in Google’s translation. So what do you think of this particular MOC? Share us your thoughts (and interpretation in case you know how to read and speak Japanese) in the comments below.



Toys R Us is getting ready for Civil War – the movie, that is. LEGO’s Marvel Super Heroes Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle (30447) is now listed on their site for $3.99. You may remember that Stephen shared this breaking news from the LEGO Marvel front a couple of days ago. Check out the video below.

This polybag comes with the Civil War version of Captain America’s minifigure together with his motorcycle and sidecar that fires flick missiles, and provision for keeping our hero’s shield. Here’s the product description and some photos from Toys R Us:

Drive to save the world on Captain America’s Motorcycle featuring a sidecar with a flick missile. The set includes a Captain America minifigure with a shield.

The LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle (30447) features:

  • Includes a Captain America minifigure.
  • This set provides an age appropriate building experience for ages 6-12.

pTRU1-23425720_alternate1_dt LEGO-Super-Heroes-Marvel-Civil--pTRU1-23425720dt


It is not in stock yet, but hopefully there will be plenty to go around, especially before the movie hits theaters on May 6.

For other updates, Brickfan mentioned that Toys R Us has started a new promotion for this week (March 6-12). For a minimum of LEGO City purchase of $35 or more, you can grab a FREE LEGO City ATV Patrol (60065). Though this promotional offer is only available in stores only, Toys R Us also listed the LEGO City ATV Patrol in their website with an option of purchasing it individually. Retailing at $5.59 (down from a previous price of $6.99), 60065 comes with 2 minifigures with an assortment of accessories, a police ATV, hideout and snake.

pTRU1-19381380enh-z6   pTRU1-19381380_alternate1_dt



LEGO announced recently in its Annual Report for 2015 that the company’s Star Wars themed sets has been one of the best selling themes of 2015. Building on the success of the Star Wars franchise, and the very much welcomed release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, LEGO continues to introduce more play sets as it revealed in this year’s International Toy Fair in New York.

I definitely agree that LEGO has come up with so many LEGO Star War sets that are really impressive. Either owing to their design and playability or to the sheer number of pieces that comprises them, such sets are things of beauty to hold and to play with. Now if you’re like me, you’ll probably want a little bit of this or of that, especially with regards to a set that has a galaxy filled with so many characters and elements. Probably that’s the reason why I am fond of small collectibles from this part of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, and I have particularly in mind the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters.  With three series already comprising of 18 sets under its roster, it’s a great alternative for their larger (and obviously more expensive) siblings of starfighters and vehicles.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 1


LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 2


LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 3


One particular LEGO fan probably has the same inclination as much as I do with regards to keeping things small and yet, fun and playable. Nick Chen has a knack in creating tiny LEGO Star Wars ships that are smaller than their Microfighter counterparts – in fact, even smaller than the ones LEGO had before with their LEGO Star Wars Planets back in 2012. Nick came up with a fun idea of having his LEGO Star Wars minifigs donned with their particular ship as costumes, and was kind enough to share his work for the LEGO community to enjoy. The photos below came from Nick’s flickr page. Check some of his minifigs below.


force-awakens-poe-xwing-costume_23444977529_o first-order-cosplayers_23933783022_o 23634556210_81750543e0_o 23303434313_15485a2634_o



These small minifig creations are cute and fun enough to make up your own dioramas. You may also come up with your own unique scenes, pairing them up with the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters. I personally go for this mini sets because at $10 per set, you can have a cool replica of your favorite Star Wars ship without breaking the bank and it doesn’t require much of your time, and desktop or table space. What do you think? What is your most favorite among Nick’s minifig costumes? What microfighter would you like to pair it up with? Share us what you think in the comments section below.



We featured some of Jason Allemann’s work for quite some time now and we’re so proud and delighted that LEGO has finally and officially unveiled his creation – the LEGO Ideas Maze 21305.

Here’s a look at the official box art and packaging for the 21305.

box front

The set includes 769 pieces and will retail at $69.99 in the US and $89.99 in Canada slated to hit stores on April 1 – don’t worry, we’re not in the habit of pranking people on this date. Anyways, in addition to the basic design the set comes with a second castle-themed design.


The back side of the box shows how the maze is operated by using the tilt knobs and a very simple guide on in changing the themed maze plates.

box back

Here’s LEGO’s official press release:


LEGO Ideas Maze – The reinvention of a classic!


The latest LEGO Ideas product reinvents the classic ball and labyrinth game, but adds a twist of creative LEGO building to the fun.

Built entirely from LEGO elements, the LEGO Maze consists of a base frame and a simple tip and tilt mechanism made up of LEGO beams and axles. You turn the wheels to move the maze up and down or from side to side guiding the ball away from the traps.

The interchangeable maze system means you can easily swap maze plates without having to rebuild the entire game. Once you’ve mastered the two maze designs included with the set, you will find lots of inspiration to start creating your own mazes using the bricks included or any of your own LEGO elements.

The set also includes a removable container to store the balls and a travel lock that keeps everything in place when you are carrying or storing the game.

This is the 13th product in the LEGO Ideas series, this time designed by LEGO fan Jason Allemann who has always been fascinated with this classic game.




We can’t seem to get enough of Jason Allemann’s creation – especially right now that LEGO has finally included him among the roster of those blessed brick designers whose work has finally released as an official LEGO Ideas set. Now that Jason’s LEGO Ideas Maze 21305 will be made available on April 1, let’s take a look once again on one of his original JK Brickworks MOC from two years ago – the Ultimate Lego Machine aka the ‘LuuMa EV3’. This is by far the most popular MOC in his YouTube site raking 7.4 million views as of to date.

Based on the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit 31313, the LuuMa EV3 was coined as “undefeatable” – well, in terms of cleverly annoying you that is.


Typical of Jason’s philanthropic inclinations, he was kind enough to share the building instructions for his creation which he fondly calls his “useless machine”. Click here for a pdf copy of the guide. The EV3 program file can be downloaded here.

“I had a blast building this model, programming the responses and playing with it once it was complete,” says Jason. Seeing how it works, we couldn’t agree more.


Now… to have some little, social experiment with this one.



tn_2015_20160301_jpg LEGO Group President and CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp was pleased to recently announce that as a result of an impressive 19% sales growth, more and more children can now experience the unique play experience that only LEGO can deliver. In the company’s press release, Knudstorp said, “2015 was a fantastic year for us as a company dedicated to inspire and develop children through play.  Across the year we estimate that approximately 100 million children had a LEGO® experience – be it through playing with great LEGO products, in schools via LEGO® Education materials or by participating in local community activities or receiving product donations driven by the LEGO Foundation across the world.”

So what are the good things that happened last 2015 as far as LEGO is concerned? LEGO came up with a nice interactive presentation to creatively present their facts. We present the gist of their presentation here:

Number of countries in which LEGO products are sold – More than 140

LEGO Brand Stores around the world – 125

Number of nationalities working for LEGO – 71

Different nationalities of LEGO designers – 35

Total Number of LEGO pieces sold in 2015 (approximately) – 72 billion

Number of different LEGO shapes (approximately) – 3,600

Number of active LEGO element colors – More than 60

LEGO Minifigures produced in 2015 (approximately) – 725 million

LEGO tires produced in 2015 (approximately) – 675 million


Fact: It takes about 40 billion 2×4 LEGO bricks stacked on top of each other to reach the moon. I guess we’ll have plenty of that around.



  • LEGO Disney Princess: Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle



  • LEGO Star Wars: Millennium Falcon


  • LEGO City: Police Station



  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3



  • LEGO Friends: Heartlake Grand Hotel



BEST-SELLING LEGO THEMES OF 2015 (arranged in random order)

  • LEGO City 


  • LEGO Star Wars


  • LEGO Friends 


  • LEGO Duplo


  • LEGO Ninjago




Knudstorp was also on a high note with regards to the potential of LEGO Dimensions as an emerging play experience combining LEGO brick building and interactive console gameplay. LEGO Elves had also seen a good start when the new fantasy theme was launched March of 2015. You can download a copy of their Fact Sheet here.


To top off their presentation, LEGO shared its newest video educating children and adults alike how LEGOs are made.



Honestly, I’m not really a fan of tabletop pinball machines with the exception probably of the classic space pinball that comes bundled with Windows way back when the mouse was the epitome of modern pointing devices.

LEGO builder and extraordinaire Jason may just happen to change my mind. Taking one of my movie favorites, Lord of the Rings, and mashing it up with a massive amount of LEGO ingenuity, Jonas concocted a creation that truly stands out from other LEGO inspired pinball machines out there.

Here are some pictures that we borrowed from his flickr page.

lotr pinball 3 lotr pinball lotr pinball 2


Take a look on how this Lord of the Rings LEGO Pinball works.

LotR Pinball - Video//



Jason and Stephen posted what seems to be a legitimate box art for LEGO’s next wave of minifigures: the LEGO Disney Minifigures or 71012. A quick scan over the internet reveals that for most part, this image has been shared and discussed over LEGO fan forums and discussion boards. even came up with a brushed up, color-corrected and cleaned version of the purported image (via Photoshop), only to be ‘asked’ by LEGO PRs to have it removed from their site. Now isn’t that something… I guess PR really did some good promotions there.

Anyways, there seems to be one common thread among them and that is the source of this ‘shared’ image – and the firm conviction among highly respectable forum members who are in-the-know that this indeed 100% authentic. Forum members that goes by the name CM4Sci inEurobricks and CM4S in Bricksetforum was actively sharing the good news among other members. Though I have a strong feeling that they may be one and same for pretty ‘obvious’ reasons.

Comments from members were somewhat mixed and varied. However, another quick scan will show that there are some favorites that are slowly emerging, and some that are well, not so hopeful.

The ‘hopefuls’ in this much awaited Disney minifig set are, in no particular order:

  • Maleficent
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • Syndrome
  • Pizza Planet Alien
  • Daisy and Donald Duck
  • Stitch
  • Ursula
  • Hook
  • Aladdin
  • Ariel
  • Peter Pan

The ‘dreadfuls’ whom some fans would avoid picking up:

  • Mickey and Minnie mouse for “looking more like mascots” according to one forum member
  • Buzz Lightyear, which looks off as compared to his first minifigure rendition (which is also by the way looks even cooler).
  • Alice, since she looks a little bit out of proportions.
  • Mr. Incredible having hair which makes him look more like a grown up dash, says another forum member.
  • Genie which will somehow look better if the head came from a moulded figure.

As we always say, these things must be taken with a grain of salt. We will wait until the official set hit stores on May this year and will give you our impressions about it. So what do you think about this? Do you have your own lists of ‘hopefuls’ and ‘dreadfuls’? Let us know at the comments section below