Here’s A Great Idea To Liven Up Your Christmas LEGO Corner With a Motorized Santa Sleigh and Reindeer.

Most of us are probably done by now with this year’s Christmas decorations and are just simply enjoying the view. Being like-minded AFOLs, it will not come as a surprise if our passion for LEGO’s brightly colored bricks will find its way in our little Christmas corner during this most wonderful time of the year. LEGO understand this very well and throughout the years, has produced a very extensive line of Christmas-themed sets and ornaments that never fail to brighten up any home. One such Christmas-inspired set in particular is the LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop (10245) from 2014. Coming in at 883 pieces, it is an advanced model that features the home of Mr. & Mrs. Claus as they get ready to deliver their gifts to the entire world. Using brightly colored bricks and elements befitting of the holidays, it is one of the LEGO Creator sets that can easily pass as a lovely Christmas diorama. You may want to check out our review of this set right here. read more

Prepare to Explore a Galaxy of Digital LEGO Bricks In LEGO Worlds – Arriving On PS4 and Xbox One Consoles Beginning February 21, 2017.

A couple of days ago, LEGO and TT Games have announced that the PC sandbox game LEGO Worlds will soon be arriving to gaming consoles, particularly on PlayStation  4 and Xbox One starting February 21, 2017. The free imaginative and social game began as a Steam Early Access title and will also be available as a full commercial release for PC users. On top of this and for a limited time only, a LEGO Agents DLC Pack featuring new characters, vehicles, weapons and more from the Agents range of play materials, will be made available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Read on for LEGO’s full press release followed by its official trailer video. read more

Here’s Your Chance to Dunk the LEGO Gingerbread Man Minifigure (5005156) In Your Shopping Basket This December.

If you’re keen in following various LEGO Store promotionals, then you’ll probably recall that the LEGO December Store Calendar comes with another minifigure freebie that is hard to ignore. This month, starting December 12 until 18, LEGO Store shoppers (both in-store and online) will receive a FREE LEGO Seasonal Gingerbread Man (5005156) minifigure for purchases of $50 and above. read more

Several New LEGO Sets To Look Forward To On The First Quarter of 2017: Speed Champions, Adventure Time, and Mighty Micros.

This has been floating around for quite some time already, but I suppose such news is definitely noteworthy considering the excitement surrounding most of them. In various, separate occasions during the past days, LEGO has announced several sets slated for release between the months of January and December. I’ve compiled them here for one quick look and some bits of info to put them in perspective. read more

LEGO Employee Christmas Gift 2016 Now Making Their Rounds Over At eBay.

Perhaps other than being a part of one of the coolest toy manufacturers in the world, are the holiday perks that go along with the job. Not only does LEGO offer a good range of seasonal Christmas sets and vignettes for its loyal fans and customers, but TLG also extends the Yuletide cheers among the lifeblood of its company – the ever reliable LEGO Brand Store employees. Running for more than five years already, the LEGO employee Christmas gift has become a theme of its own, with fans showing considerable interests on these collectibles that are not found in any LEGO Brand or Certified stores. read more