2015 LEGO BIONICLE Rumored Sets

There’s finally some news of some 2015 LEGO sets and it’s not what everyone expected. Exoforce.ru has posted a list of LEGO BIONICLE set that are rumored to be coming out next year. This marks the return of the highly popular BIONICLE theme after a couple years hiatus. Again, these are just rumored sets but the source is said to be credible by a few members on Eurobricks.

70778 Defender Jungle
70779 Defender Stones
70780 Defender Water
70781 Defender Land
70782 Defender Ice
70783 Defender Fire
70784 Lewa Master Jungle
70785 Pohatu Master Stones
70786 Gali Master Water
70787 Tahu Master Fire
70788 Kopaka Master Ice
70789 Onua Master Land
70790 Lord of Skull Spiders



LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Panel at San Diego Comic Con

WB Home Entertainment has announced there will be a panel at San Diego Comic Con with TT Games that will be showcasing LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. There will be some gamepla footage shown, more character reveals, and other announcements for the game. Stay tuned for more details as the convention rolls around.

(Hat tip: The Brick Fan)

Mega Bloks Halo Sets Revealed at RTX 2014

Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521

At RTX 2014 this past weekend, Mega Bloks has unveiled the latest Halo Mega Bloks sets that will be released later this year. The first set is an Anniversary Collection Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521 which includes a Mega Bloks Halo Sergeant Johnson figure. The set has 485 pieces and includes 8 figures, many of which Halo fans have been waiting for.

The Covenant Shadow is easily one of the most recognizable vehicles from the Halo franchise and this is the first time that it has been in a Mega Bloks set. The figures included in the set are, as mentioned before, Sergeant Johnson, Elite Honor Guard, two Marines, Arbiter, two Jackals, and the Prophet of Truth.

The Mega Bloks Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521 will be available in August and is exclusive to Toys R Us stores.

Mega Bloks Halo 2 Anniversary Collection Battleground

The second set that was revealed at RTX 2014 was the Mega Bloks Halo 2 Anniversary Collection Battleground set. The set includes two UNSC Marines and two Brute figures with red fins as well as Tartarus. If you’ve played Halo 2, Tartarus is the tertiary antagonist and final boss in the game so it’s cool that we now see him as a Mega Bloks figure.

Spartan Tribute Pack

The final Mega Bloks Halo set that was revealed at RTX 2014 was the very awesome Spartan Tribute Pack. This set comes with a whopping 20 Spartan Mark IV figures in various colors. The colors that the Spartan Mark IV come in include purple, red, blue, white, steel, crimson, zombie, pink, copper, lime, tan, orange, yellow, cyan, smoke, sage, gold, silver, cobalt, and translucent blue.

If you looked closely, all the Spartans are carrying different weapons that have been in the game. Here is a list of the weapons that are included with the Spartan Tribute Pack in no particular order: SMG, Silenced SMG, Rocket Launcher, Covenant Carbine, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun, DMR, Flamethrower, Frag Grenades, Grenade Launcher, Spartan Laser, Smokey Translucent Grey Needler, Translucent Green Energy Sword, and Translucent Blue Brute Spiker.

The Spartan Tribute Pack is also a Toys R Us exclusive and you can also expect this set later this year.

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit Box Teaser Image

In the comments over on The Brick Fan, someone posted an image of the box for the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109 which came from the German LEGO calendar/catalog. The commenter also notes that the set will include more than one minifigure so we may see the same minifigures from the teaser images and video that came out recently. What are your thoughts from what you can see so far of the Exo Suit?

SDCC 2014 Transformers KRE-O Class of 1984 Kreon 30-Pack

San Diego Comic Con is coming up later this month and Hasbro will be having an exclusive KRE-O set, the Transformers Class of 1984 Kreon 30-pack. It features 30 of some of the most popular Autobots and Decepticons in G1 and G2 decos including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Bumblebee. There are even a couple of new Transformers Kreon making their debut in this set including Ultra Magnus, Rumble, and Frenzy. Hasbro is also going retro with the Class of 1984 set with some accessories from the 80s like a Rubix Cube, a boom box, a VHS tape, and cassette tapes. The Transformers KRE-O Class of 1984 Kreon 30-Pack will be available at SDCC at the HasbroToyShop Booth #3329 for $59.99.