First Picture of LEGO Nexo Knights

Here is first picture of the new LEGO Nexo Knights theme. This was found in the back of an Australian LEGO Club magazine.

LEGO Nexo Knights

January 2016 LEGO Star Wars Rumours!

Recently, the French website MintInBox.Net revealed a list of rumoured 2016 Winter wave sets for the Star Wars theme. Again, these are just rumours….but when it comes to Star Wars, when was the last time rumours were wrong? It seems weird and occasionally a smaller set is a little off or a play set is based on a different scene but seriously, when was the last time rumours were really far off? Exactly. So I’d bank money that these set rumours are accurate to a certain extent. Also, I can’t possibly get in any trouble for mentioning Force Awakens news since this is all rumour and is completely inaccurate for all I know….(Sarcasm intended).


So, I’m going to list all the sets based on their respected sub-themes. Lets start with what many consider to be the least appealing: The Micro-fighters…


-Wookie Gunship

-TIE Advanced Prototype

-The Ghost

-2 Unnamed Force Awakens vehicles

So, 4 out of  6 of these sets will be Rebels themed, and they all sound pretty good, with all the vehicles being predominant in the show save the Wookie Gunship — seriously, it appeared for about 10 seconds in season 1, so unless it’s  in most of season 2 I don’t get the fuss over that ship….of course the Force Awakens sets are unnamed due to all the secrecy around it. All in all, a pleasing line-up, and I’ll be interested to see if we get any exclusive figures with these.


Next up, we have the regular System sets…

-Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber

-Hoth Attack

-Droid Escape Pod

-Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (ROTS version)

-The Pirate Transport (Force Awakens)

-Battle on Takodona (Force Awakens)

Here’s where the excitement begins! The Hoth Attack set should be nice, linking to the UCS Hoth Base which is all but confirmed for a Christmas release. This is similar to how the Ewok attack came out shortly after the Battle of Endor so that they could be used together. The Droid escape pod seems to be based off of the crash landing from the start of a New Hope, and the Carbon Chamber seems like we are finally getting a (somewhat) remake of Cloud City! And of course a prequel set just for good measure.

But those Force Awakens Sets…….The Pirate Transport, in my opinion, will be based upon some sort of vehicle used by the bandits on Jakku, who are seemingly commanded by Tasu Leech according to the leaked Millennium Falcon. The Battle on Takodona could really be anything. It may well be the biggest set of the wave (I hope), and I personally think this planet is the one seen in the ComicCon reel along with the Vanity Fair photo of Captain Phasma; I think this is based on the battle taking place in some sort of destroyed ancient building….

Screenshot (23)
Could this be Takodona?

And finally we have the Battle Packs….

-Force Awakens “Villain” Battle Pack

-Force Awakens “Hero” Battle Pack

-Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (Star Wars :Battlefront)

-Empire Battle Pack (Star Wars : Battlefront)

Battle Packs based off of this…? YES PLEASE!

If these set rumours are true I think that these will be the best Battle Packs since those classic first 2 waves of Clones, Droids, Rebels and Stormies. I normally buy 2 or 3 different Battle Packs in a wave, and buy a particular one in mass amount (for example, this year I purchased 1 of the Shadow Troopers and Geonosis Troopers but many Imperial Troop Transports). But if these rumours are correct, I will probably end up buying at least 2 of each in a heartbeat. No exaggeration.

Assuming the “Villain” Pack will be all Stormtroopers (hopefully, since they only appear in 1 set from this September Wave!) and the “Hero” Pack will be Resistance Soldiers, these will be a must -buy, especially since they’ll be out about 2 weeks after the film, meaning the hype will still be extremely strong. And, honest question — what LEGO Star Wars fan doesn’t want a Battlefront set with all the different classes? Honestly, tell me in the comments below if you are in that minority.

Check back for more LEGO Star Wars news as it is revealed here on




The Brick Show Official MOC Schedule!


So, today I’ll be doing a big news article. No, not set news or images (Looking at you Force Awakens…), but news within The Brick Show itself. This article will be about all the upcoming MOCs that are currently in the pipeline between me, Jason and Stephen. There’s a lot of MOCs in development as of right now, and this list may well be updated over time, but this’ll be a list and description of all MOCs that we’re currently working on and that I am currently aware of. I’ll do my best to put them in date order too, keeping in mind that some of these have no dates  set and I’m just guessing when the guys will reveal them.

Warning : This is a VERY long editorial, aimed more so at TFOLs and AFOLs. I’ll try to keep it interesting though!

#1 – Star Wars : The Force Awakens Hangar Shoot-Out — January 2016!


Screenshot (17)
This is the scene in question.

This is the first MOC on the list in development, or at least, the first MOC that I have in development. This is gonna be based off of the scene we see in the second trailer for The Force Awakens, in which a First Order Special Force TIE is blowing apart the hangar of an imperial cruiser, presumably one of the newly designed Star Destroyers. This scene is rumoured to be based around Finn, played by actor John Boyega, escaping from the ship using this TIE fighter. It’s said that he is a StormTrooper, and due to some sort of traumatic incident, he decides to leave The First Order, stealing the TIE and crashing it on Jakku, meeting Rey and setting the events of the film off with the Stormies right on his tail. The MOC comes out after I’ll of seen the film however, so I may edit it slightly afterwards to make it more accurate. For now, lets assume that this rumour is true, and that’s what the MOC is based on.

I’ll be purchasing a Special  Forces TIE, First Order Transport and First Order Snowspeeder to get the correct vehicles and figures. Since that foreign Amazon listings have revealed details of the set, and have said that regular, plain StormTroopers (not counting pilots or Flametroopers etc.) will only appear in the transporter and nothing else, I’ll not be able to release the MOC as early as I’d like, but since battle packs will be released in January as with every year, it’s been heavily rumoured that we will get 4 of these guys in one of those sets, hence why I’m waiting to January.

It is worth noting that I’ve already started this MOC and the general look of it is almost complete, it’s just the floor and a couple other details, and then it’s just the sets themselves I need to add.

#2 – Stephen’s Tatooine MOC! — N/A

Screenshot (20)
From Stephen’s latest update video.

Stephen hasn’t given any sort of indication as to when we’ll be getting this MOC, but I put this one next as It seems logical. It may well not be until March next year, but I have a feeling that it will be before MOC #3 on this list, and I doubt it will show up before January due to the level of progress.

This MOC is not primarily based off of anything in particular, but  instead incorporates many different elements from across the original trilogy, such as the Tusken Raiders and Sand Troopers from A New Hope and Jabba’s Palace from Return Of The Jedi. I’m in touch with Jason a lot more than Stephen, so I have the same extent of  knowledge as most regular channel viewers here. It seems Stephen will be using primarily the Rebels-Style “Italian Moustache” StormTroopers with custom pauldrons added, along with the Jabba’s Palace and Rancor Pit sets.

#3 – Captain America : Civil War — April / May 2016!

I can’t wait for this film!

Next on the list is another MOC with a confirmed release time. This MOC will be based completely around the climax of the third Captain America film, which is basically nothing to go on at this moment. We have had literally no news about the film as of yet aside from set photos, but we have had no trailers, official posters or pictures and info on the LEGO sets. As such this MOC has no threads at all at the moment, but around October – December time we should get our first trailer and then I can start planning ahead. It’ll feature all the main characters, and as with my Avengers : Age of Ultron MOC earlier this year, it’ll be inspired by the film instead of being 100% accurate. I’ll probably end up getting most of the sets in order to complete my MOC, as main characters will likely be stretched across them.

#4 – Part 2 Of Stephen’s Arcade! — N/A

Screenshot (21)
Part 1, as revealed in March.

Ok, some people may argue that the predicted time of release for this MOC is way off, and that since it is only one baseplate and quite small, it may actually come out before even the #3 MOC on this list. Well, I can see why that is plausible and could well happen, but my thought process is that Stephen would want to finish off his Tatooine MOC before starting another one, and another point is that Stephen hasn’t even started this second part yet. as such, it’s safe to assume it’ll be a while until it comes out.

I expect it will feature some more modern games as this centre is not purely an arcade centre. I also think that some of the newer products on The Brick Show Shop will show up in this MOC, such as the Brickcraft Machine.

#5 –  Star Wars : Rogue One — December 2016 / January 2017!

This logo was all I could find for an image…

Yes, I’ve really planned this far ahead, to the point where I have now planned a MOC 18 months away. Because of this, there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually go through with this MOC, but I’d like to think I will. That is, if we even get sets for this film, but this is pretty much confirmed anyway. Again, we know literally nothing about this film so far ; Gareth Edwards is the director, Felicity Jones stars as a Rebel Soldier, and it’s about stealing the plans for the Death Star that will lead to the events of A New Hope. And that’s  it. As a result, I have no idea what this MOC would be based on, but I’ll probably find something I’d like to make in LEGO.

# – Rumoured MOCs…

Of course, It’s entirely possible that some new ideas could pop into our heads and we end up making another MOC not on this list, or we watch a film and like it more than expected, resulting in an unplanned MOC based on it. And of course, Jason may choose to do a few, since he’s previously not been included at all on this list.

So, here’s the full list, keeping in mind it may be edited in the future :

#1 Star Wars : The Force Awakens Hangar Scene – January 2016

#2 Stephen’s Tatooine MOC – N/A

#3 Captain America : Civil War – April / May 2016

#4 Stephen’s Arcade : Part 2 – N/A

#5 Star Wars : Rogue One – December 2016 / January 2017

So, there we have it, the full list! If any new MOCs come up, be sure to check back to see their details, here on






Random Newz Update 2!

So a fair bit of news a has come about over the last week or two, but nothing major enough to warrant a whole article for itself, so that’s why I’m doing another random news article!

Doctor Who Dimensions News!

So, a day or two ago LEGO dimensions released quite a bit of news regarding Doctor Who; a trailer for the Doctor Who Missions, as well as a brand new fun pack were put out online, and were very well received indeed! The trailer shows many key points from the show including the T.A.R.D.I.S  , Daleks, Cybermen, The Dalek Emperor, Clara Oswald and of course Peter Capaldi’s doctor. Enough out of me though, go watch it for yourself!

Oh, and we also got images of the packs coming out, with the figures and build-able characters presumably being included in the LEGO Doctor Who Ideas set alter this year.

So much Hype!
So much Win!


“LEGO Avengers: The Video Game” Characters!

Revealed at SDCC this past few days, we were also given glimpses of many characters to be appearing in the Avengers Video Game later this year, including Crossbones, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, The HulkBuster, and Stan Lee’s HulkBuster and Iron Man designs, implying he well have powers from all superheroes as he did in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

19433011128_ca3eb81cd6 19594854236_8c25d5f024 19621049705_b436acd642 19594854326_bb4d74d4f1 19594854116_b5c93f873b 19621049635_1e715dd865

Leaked TIE Fighter Pilot And Snowtrooper Designs!

As courtesy of David Hall, we yet again have leaked images of new Star Wars : The Force Awakens figures. I won’t focus too much on this, as, well, it’s a little “unorthodox”….

Lets keep these under the rug…

So there we have the biggest LEGO news from the past few days. Hopefully the official Force Awakens sets will be revealed sooner rather than later as we  only have just over 50 days until the sets actually come out…

Stay tuned for more on




LEGO Dawn Of Justice Batmobile / Force Awakens Captain Phasma Figure!

Apologies for my rather long absence, but I now return with what is easily some of the biggest news this month ; we now have images of both Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice and Star Wars : The Force Awakens products!

The Dawn Of Justice Batmobile is the “official” news, which was announced earlier today. The announcement tells us that this set will be featured at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), and that the vehicle is not a set on it’s own ; As well as the Batman figure and Batmobile, the set will also feature an additional vehicle and 3 other figures. It’ll be priced at $29.99  and have 306 pieces total. Sounds awesome!


The Star Wars news is, well, “less” official…

The news comes from David Hall, or Solid Brix Studios as most know him by. Earlier today he posted a video on his YouTube channel that featured 6 official, finalised Captain Phasma figures, otherwise known as the “Chrome Trooper” played by Gwendoline Christie, and seen in the second trailer for The Force Awakens. The figure doesn’t feature any accessories or even face printing, although this will likely be included with the actual figure released with sets. David took it upon himself to add a custom cape and blaster to one of the 6 figures to give an impression of what the final version will look like. The figures looks outstanding in my opinion, and I love the unique Pearl Grey colour scheme, as well as the new helmet mould. Here’s the video that David uploaded showing off the figures.

Screenshot (5)
Credit for all photos than feature the Captain Phasma figures goes to David Hall.

Screenshot (10) Screenshot (9) Screenshot (7) Screenshot (8)

Again, these photos are a bit controversial, as addressed by David in the video. They were purchased from an eBay seller, who likely acquired them from a LEGO factory or factory worker, who in turn likely stole them…meaning that, technically, these figures aren’t legal. That being said, there’s no way to confirm that they were in fact stolen, and also this isn’t the first leaked Force Awakens merchandise, shown by the Kylo Ren Shuttle leak.

So, there we have it, an official look at the new Batmobile and a not-so official look at the first ever Force Awakens figure. Stay tuned for more LEGO news here on,




Random Newz Update 1!

So this is the first of many articles I will be posting at random times (as the title suggests), which won’t be long editorials, but simple articles about, you guessed it, random LEGO news over the past few days. It saves the need for a bunch of smaller articles, instead just having one big one with multiple topics, like Jurassic World mixed with Dimensions or something.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers At E3!

E3, one of the world’s most popular gaming events, happened a couple days ago (or is it still going? I don’t keep up with this stuff…) and amongst many huge upcoming games such as Star Wars : Battlefront, we had a glimpse at the new LEGO Avengers game. The video was commentated on by a member the development team and a presenter from IGN, a popular game media company. They gave many details, some obvious (such as what characters will be appearing) and some not-so-obvious, like what combo moves can be used by different characters. Enough of me, listen to them!


Star Wars Comic-Con Exclusive Dagobah Set Revealed!


So not only are we getting the Throne Of Ultron as an SDCC exclusive, but we will also be getting a Dagobah collectible model! It is done in a similar style to the Tatooine build given away at Star Wars Celebration, and will likely be available in the same quantity and availability as the Throne Of Ultron. Sadly, no minifigure is included in this one… (The X-wing seems to be the same build as from the advent calendar too).

And that seems to be it for now! there’s not be an awful lot of stuff going on these last few days in terms of LEGO news, but hopefully that’ll change soon.

Also, I got the LEGO  Jurassic World Video Game since I absolutely loved this 4th film in the series, and it is an outstanding game which I highly recommend!

See you next time here on,







LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video Game 

On the last day of E3, Arthur Parsons did one last interview today with IGN for LEGO Marvel’s Avengersicon and they showed off an extended demo gameplay of the game. Arthur noted that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a “celebration of Avengers” and there will be over 100 new characters that haven’t appeared before in LEGO games including Ulysses Klaw as well as possibly various comic book costumes. There’s not much more information than what we already knew but you can check out the video below.


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LEGO Star Wars San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Dagobah Set Revealed

– See more at:

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video GameOn the last day of E3, Arthur Parsons did one last interview today with IGN for LEGO Marvel’s Avengersicon and they showed off an extended demo gameplay of the game. Arthur noted that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a “celebration of Avengers” and there will be over 100 new characters that haven’t appeared before in LEGO games including Ulysses Klaw as well as possibly various comic book costumes. There’s not much more information than what we already knew but you can check out the video below.

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LEGO Star Wars San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Dagobah Set Revealed

– See more at:

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Video GameOn the last day of E3, Arthur Parsons did one last interview today with IGN for LEGO Marvel’s Avengersicon and they showed off an extended demo gameplay of the game. Arthur noted that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a “celebration of Avengers” and there will be over 100 new characters that haven’t appeared before in LEGO games including Ulysses Klaw as well as possibly various comic book costumes. There’s not much more information than what we already knew but you can check out the video below.

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LEGO Star Wars San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Dagobah Set Revealed

– See more at:

Avengers : Age Of Ultron MOC Unveiling!

It is finally here!

The Age Of Ultron MOC that I have been teasing since March is finally finished and photographed. I’ll post the photos below and then go in to more detail about the creation:


I know it’s a lot of photos…

So, this MOC consists of round about 2,000 pieces. I didn’t order in any of them, they are all from my own collection, primarily my broken-down Helm’s Deep. The figures and Avengers 4×4 are the only parts which I bought especially for this MOC.

I purchased 11 of the Iron Man Vs Ultron Set, 1 HulkBuster Smash, 1 Hydra Fortress Smash and 1 Avengers Hydra Showdown. This gave me all the Avengers (save Black Widow, who is the 2012 version with updated, shorter hair), 33 Ultron Sentries (yes, 33!) and Ultron Prime.

This has been in development since March, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Jason has said how much he loves it and will post it on the official FaceBook page. It may possibly show up in a MOC-Stars video or on Instagram.

So, there we have it, my Age Of Ultron MOC. Stay tuned, as I have a Force Awakens MOC in the pipelines, set for a late December release!

Thanks for reading, here on




How Accurate Are The Jurassic World Sets?

So, because of my GCSE exams (or “finals” for the USA), I was busy last week and missed a lot of news : Civil War, Dawn of Justice, LEGO WorldsFirst Order Stormtrooper, Wall-E, Big Bang Theory………but I’m back for good now! Yes, I’ve finished high school and have 3 months before college, which I’ll be spending on writing for you guys! To mark this occasion, I’ll begin with an article that is very topical at the moment ; Jurassic World, and how accurate the sets are, similar to my article on Age Of Ultron.



#1 Pteranadon Capture


Starting with the smallest set, we have the pteranadon capture. This set is quite accurate to the appearance of it in the film, with Simon piloting and an ACU trooper manning some sort of turret on the side, along with the colour scheme. The net is ridiculous however, not featuring in the film and being used for the sole purpose of playability. The pterosaur is also a nice addition, being featured primarily with the helicopter as it is this animal that results in Simon losing control and crashing the chopper.

Overall, quite accurate indeed!

8.5 /10


#2 Dilophosaurus Ambush


This set, however….

Ok,  I can easily see why this set was made; it has an iconic dinosaur from the first film, a gyrosphere (which is a new element so LEGO will want to use it as much as they can) and fills the £30 / $30 price range nicely. I will preface my remarks by saying this is actually my favourite set from this line, with a great, well designed Jeep and an amazing dinosaur. But, the Dilophosaurus never actually appears in the film accept for in a hologram, and this scene is actually completely irrelevant to the film… even the sphere is inaccurate as it should be able to hold 2 figures…not as impressive as the other sets.



#3 Raptor Escape


Back on track with the accuracy, the Raptor Escape is very accurate to one of the early scenes in the film in which Owen Grady (sadly not included, bumping down the accuracy slightly) saves the handler from being eaten by the viscous creatures after he falls in to the enclosure. Barry is included as he too is present in this scene, as well as his quad-bike which features in the Raptor / motorcycle chase later. The designs of Charlie and Echo are also accurate to the film counterparts. Much better than the previous set, overall.



#4 Raptor Rampage


Yet another extremely accurate set! The Rampage has loads of features accurate to the film, from the fact that the vehicle actually appears during the film down to the slightest details like the tracking cameras on the Raptors heads. The motorcycle that Owen rides during this scene is also included, as well as Claire driving the truck – even the unfortunate trooper to be eaten whilst attempting to board the truck is included. However, Grey and Zach aren’t included (obvious due to the price range of the set) but this doesn’t hurt the accuracy enough to warrant subtracting a point – meaning full marks for this set!


#5 T-Rex Tracker


…At least the Dilophosaurus ambush had the gyrosphere….

Seriously…this set is to this line what Jurassic Park III was to the franchise ; The Worst One. Well, in terms of playability, originality and figures it isn’t, but for accuracy it is, because this absolutely never happened in the film. We never see how they get the T-Rex back after the escape into the wild during the first film (yes, this is the original T-Rex from Jurassic Park), so it’s plausible this happened off-screen, but on-screen, we never see anything even close to resembling this happening during the film. Literally the only accurate things are the T-Rex and Hoskins design…so a very low rating indeed for this set.


#6 Indominus Rex Breakout


This set score high on the board, however. The design of the I-Rex enclosure is the right shape as in the film, and includes many accurate features such as the opening doors, feeding crane and cracked glass observatory. I can see why she ate the sibling though, as there isn’t much room in there for 2 dinosaurs ; seriously, it is way too small, although this has to be expected for a set with just over 1,000 pieces;  This isn’t a UCS set after all. The actual design of the Indominus is very accurate, and is about as imposing as the design of the creature on-screen. The helicopter pad and gyrosphere launcher detract from the accuracy slightly, but the absolutely incredible, magnificent turtle neck on Dr. Wu makes up for it…seriously, that turtle neck…anyway, back on subject – quite accurate indeed!



So, there we have it, the Jurassic World line-up. Stick around for more articles posted daily from now on, here on




The Force Awakens Set Details & Prices!

NOTE : Nothing in this article has been 100% confirmed by LEGO, but has been heavily speculated, and due to the recent leaked image of 75104, the information seems to be accurate so far, and I have reason to believe that it is factual.

So, recently, 75104 got leaked on to the web. Since that we had to take down the YouTube video about the set, I won’t put the picture up here in order to prevent that happening, but you can search “LEGO 75104” and be met with the unofficial image. However, the leakage of this image prompted me to think that some information which was released a while back may in fact be accurate; I didn’t do an article on it back then due to the information having no evidence to back it up, but this image seems to solidify the ideas presented by it, leading me to think that it’s accurate and reliable.

The large Imperial Shuttle-esque spaceship to the left of this poster is obviously a villain vehicle due to this being Imperial propaganda – meaning this information, so far, is accurate…


The info in question was released by (The very same website to share the 75104 news to begin with), which gives a list of preliminary names for all the new sets and British pricing for each of them too. The details are as follows :

  • 75099- “Lead Hero Craft”- £19.99
  • 75100- “Villain Craft”- £39.99
  • 75101- “Villain Star Craft”- £59.99
  • 75102- “Hero Starfighter”- £69.99 (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED X-WING FIGHTER)
  • 75103- “Villain Transport”- £79.99
  • 75104- “Lead Villain Vehicle”- £99.99  (ACCURATE BASED ON RECENT LEAK)
  • 75105- “Hero Vehicle”- £129.99. (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED MILLENNIUM FALCON

As shown by the points in brackets above, the details seem to be quite accurate so far, and the prices match up to the ones we gave in our details about these sets a few months back.

The vehicles escorting the Main Villain Vehicle in this shot could either be the Villain Star Craft or the Villain Transport…

In my opinion, the Lead Hero Craft, being the smallest, will possibly be Rey’s speeder from the first Teaser Trailer. The £40 Villain craft will almost certainly be a TIE Fighter, especially at that price. The star craft really could be  anything at this point, but could be the ships seen escorting the Lead Villain Vehicle in the Teaser Trailer 2. The transport is possibly the vehicle which the stormtroopers are seen exiting during the first trailer, and the Falcon and X-wing and all but confirmed at this point anyhow.

So the Falcon is pretty much confirmed…

So, this is the info on The Force Awakens sets as of right now. Check back for (hopefully) more news soon!