Avengers : Age Of Ultron MOC Unveiling!

It is finally here!

The Age Of Ultron MOC that I have been teasing since March is finally finished and photographed. I’ll post the photos below and then go in to more detail about the creation:


I know it’s a lot of photos…

So, this MOC consists of round about 2,000 pieces. I didn’t order in any of them, they are all from my own collection, primarily my broken-down Helm’s Deep. The figures and Avengers 4×4 are the only parts which I bought especially for this MOC.

I purchased 11 of the Iron Man Vs Ultron Set, 1 HulkBuster Smash, 1 Hydra Fortress Smash and 1 Avengers Hydra Showdown. This gave me all the Avengers (save Black Widow, who is the 2012 version with updated, shorter hair), 33 Ultron Sentries (yes, 33!) and Ultron Prime.

This has been in development since March, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Jason has said how much he loves it and will post it on the official FaceBook page. It may possibly show up in a MOC-Stars video or on Instagram.

So, there we have it, my Age Of Ultron MOC. Stay tuned, as I have a Force Awakens MOC in the pipelines, set for a late December release!

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How Accurate Are The Jurassic World Sets?

So, because of my GCSE exams (or “finals” for the USA), I was busy last week and missed a lot of news : Civil War, Dawn of Justice, LEGO WorldsFirst Order Stormtrooper, Wall-E, Big Bang Theory………but I’m back for good now! Yes, I’ve finished high school and have 3 months before college, which I’ll be spending on writing for you guys! To mark this occasion, I’ll begin with an article that is very topical at the moment ; Jurassic World, and how accurate the sets are, similar to my article on Age Of Ultron.



#1 Pteranadon Capture


Starting with the smallest set, we have the pteranadon capture. This set is quite accurate to the appearance of it in the film, with Simon piloting and an ACU trooper manning some sort of turret on the side, along with the colour scheme. The net is ridiculous however, not featuring in the film and being used for the sole purpose of playability. The pterosaur is also a nice addition, being featured primarily with the helicopter as it is this animal that results in Simon losing control and crashing the chopper.

Overall, quite accurate indeed!

8.5 /10


#2 Dilophosaurus Ambush


This set, however….

Ok,  I can easily see why this set was made; it has an iconic dinosaur from the first film, a gyrosphere (which is a new element so LEGO will want to use it as much as they can) and fills the £30 / $30 price range nicely. I will preface my remarks by saying this is actually my favourite set from this line, with a great, well designed Jeep and an amazing dinosaur. But, the Dilophosaurus never actually appears in the film accept for in a hologram, and this scene is actually completely irrelevant to the film… even the sphere is inaccurate as it should be able to hold 2 figures…not as impressive as the other sets.



#3 Raptor Escape


Back on track with the accuracy, the Raptor Escape is very accurate to one of the early scenes in the film in which Owen Grady (sadly not included, bumping down the accuracy slightly) saves the handler from being eaten by the viscous creatures after he falls in to the enclosure. Barry is included as he too is present in this scene, as well as his quad-bike which features in the Raptor / motorcycle chase later. The designs of Charlie and Echo are also accurate to the film counterparts. Much better than the previous set, overall.



#4 Raptor Rampage


Yet another extremely accurate set! The Rampage has loads of features accurate to the film, from the fact that the vehicle actually appears during the film down to the slightest details like the tracking cameras on the Raptors heads. The motorcycle that Owen rides during this scene is also included, as well as Claire driving the truck – even the unfortunate trooper to be eaten whilst attempting to board the truck is included. However, Grey and Zach aren’t included (obvious due to the price range of the set) but this doesn’t hurt the accuracy enough to warrant subtracting a point – meaning full marks for this set!


#5 T-Rex Tracker


…At least the Dilophosaurus ambush had the gyrosphere….

Seriously…this set is to this line what Jurassic Park III was to the franchise ; The Worst One. Well, in terms of playability, originality and figures it isn’t, but for accuracy it is, because this absolutely never happened in the film. We never see how they get the T-Rex back after the escape into the wild during the first film (yes, this is the original T-Rex from Jurassic Park), so it’s plausible this happened off-screen, but on-screen, we never see anything even close to resembling this happening during the film. Literally the only accurate things are the T-Rex and Hoskins design…so a very low rating indeed for this set.


#6 Indominus Rex Breakout


This set score high on the board, however. The design of the I-Rex enclosure is the right shape as in the film, and includes many accurate features such as the opening doors, feeding crane and cracked glass observatory. I can see why she ate the sibling though, as there isn’t much room in there for 2 dinosaurs ; seriously, it is way too small, although this has to be expected for a set with just over 1,000 pieces;  This isn’t a UCS set after all. The actual design of the Indominus is very accurate, and is about as imposing as the design of the creature on-screen. The helicopter pad and gyrosphere launcher detract from the accuracy slightly, but the absolutely incredible, magnificent turtle neck on Dr. Wu makes up for it…seriously, that turtle neck…anyway, back on subject – quite accurate indeed!



So, there we have it, the Jurassic World line-up. Stick around for more articles posted daily from now on, here on




The Force Awakens Set Details & Prices!

NOTE : Nothing in this article has been 100% confirmed by LEGO, but has been heavily speculated, and due to the recent leaked image of 75104, the information seems to be accurate so far, and I have reason to believe that it is factual.

So, recently, 75104 got leaked on to the web. Since that we had to take down the YouTube video about the set, I won’t put the picture up here in order to prevent that happening, but you can search “LEGO 75104” and be met with the unofficial image. However, the leakage of this image prompted me to think that some information which was released a while back may in fact be accurate; I didn’t do an article on it back then due to the information having no evidence to back it up, but this image seems to solidify the ideas presented by it, leading me to think that it’s accurate and reliable.

The large Imperial Shuttle-esque spaceship to the left of this poster is obviously a villain vehicle due to this being Imperial propaganda – meaning this information, so far, is accurate…


The info in question was released by Starwarsunderworld.com (The very same website to share the 75104 news to begin with), which gives a list of preliminary names for all the new sets and British pricing for each of them too. The details are as follows :

  • 75099- “Lead Hero Craft”- £19.99
  • 75100- “Villain Craft”- £39.99
  • 75101- “Villain Star Craft”- £59.99
  • 75102- “Hero Starfighter”- £69.99 (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED X-WING FIGHTER)
  • 75103- “Villain Transport”- £79.99
  • 75104- “Lead Villain Vehicle”- £99.99  (ACCURATE BASED ON RECENT LEAK)
  • 75105- “Hero Vehicle”- £129.99. (PREVIOUSLY RUMORED MILLENNIUM FALCON

As shown by the points in brackets above, the details seem to be quite accurate so far, and the prices match up to the ones we gave in our details about these sets a few months back.

The vehicles escorting the Main Villain Vehicle in this shot could either be the Villain Star Craft or the Villain Transport…

In my opinion, the Lead Hero Craft, being the smallest, will possibly be Rey’s speeder from the first Teaser Trailer. The £40 Villain craft will almost certainly be a TIE Fighter, especially at that price. The star craft really could be  anything at this point, but could be the ships seen escorting the Lead Villain Vehicle in the Teaser Trailer 2. The transport is possibly the vehicle which the stormtroopers are seen exiting during the first trailer, and the Falcon and X-wing and all but confirmed at this point anyhow.

So the Falcon is pretty much confirmed…

So, this is the info on The Force Awakens sets as of right now. Check back for (hopefully) more news soon!

New LEGO Ideas Set Announced!

As previously mentioned, I’m currently in a month long hiatus until mid-June, but since this news is rather large, I figured I might as well make a quick article to share it with you guys…..though I doubt anybody noticed I was gone.

Just today, LEGO announced the next Ideas set, which will presumably come out later in the year or early next year, following the Doctor Who set (which I couldn’t be more excited for after we got a glimpse of the minifigure in the new Dimensions sets!).


This set is the Marble Maze, which was one of 9 projects in the review stage this time around, along with other projects such as The National History Museum and the Goonies 30th Anniversary.  I’m not at all surprised by this result, as the maze was one of few projects to not be base off of something that already exists, meaning something that is a genuine landmark or a project based off of something. Reasons for these sort of sets not being picked would be that LEGO would need to go and get the license to produce it, unlike an original idea.

The original Maze in its default state, as designed by JK BrickWorks

This of course has been the case every now and then shown by the Minecraft, BTTF and Ghostbusters sets, but it is far easier for LEGO if they choose sets that don’t require this extra hassle, such as the Birds Project and the Exo-Suit by Peter Reid, where they just need the person behind the idea to sign up for it….which obviously is the case since they submitted it to the site. And besides, with so many themes being used for the new dimensions line-up (those being Back To The Future, Jurassic World, The Wizard Of Oz, Doctor Who, Portal 2 -those last 2 being my personal favourites – and the now reincarnated Lord Of The Rings)  it seems unlikely that it will be possible for the Ideas line to get any licenses for themselves. The reason for this may be because, well, Licenses cost money….and there’s a heck of a lot of it being spent on existing licenses. The budget unfortunately probably doesn’t accommodate Ideas sets too.

Here’s the video that shows JK Brickworks, the creator of the Maze, showing it off.

Just so all you guys know, I’ll be doing another couple articles possibly over the next week or two, just to keep the ice thin. After June 25th though, you’ve got 3 whole months of this blog being one of my up-most priorities, so stay tuned for that!

A Recent Absence Or Two

This article is two-fold based on the headline.

To begin with, there has been a considerable number of people asking about where Jason is on the channel. The answer is simple ; he’s still there. People have been forgetting that even though 19 videos have been made since Jay’s last one, it’s only just today been a week since that video. He’s not gone, he just let Stephen do the city reviews. This has also happened with Stephen being gone for a week or so, and they always come back, so there’s no worries.

And the perhaps less obvious hiatus lately is, well, me. Now I’m going to be honest with you ; not a whole lot of people look at this blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still maybe a thousand every article ( which is about the same amount of people who watch BrickShowRAW ) but since we now have over 300,000 subscribers, that’s less than 1% of our total viewers. An average of around 20-30,000 views per video on the main channel dwarfs the blog by far.

This is to be expected though, as the blog is not the main way of communication and it isn’t publicised a lot, so it’s fair to say a lot of people who would read the blog don’t because they simply don’t know about it.

Anyway, I digress. It seems to be the case that I won’t be posting any more articles for around another month. This is because I’m still a student, and I’ve got exams up until the 12th of June. I’ll also have induction days for college (since I’ll be finishing high school next month) and of course, Prom. These distractions will make the blog an afterthought as I’ll need to focus, although you may get an articles whenever I can spare a minute.

That being said, after my exams, I have 12 weeks free to do stuff, meaning I’ll have 3 months to write articles pretty much daily or every other day. So in the long run, it’ll all pay off!



Oh, and I’ve made an Age of Ultron MOC to be unveiled soon. Just FYI….

LEGO Star Wars : A look back…

Star Wars. Without doubt one of the largest film franchises ever to exist. With films spanning nearly 40 years of pop culture, the now iconic movies have served as the defining chapters in cinema’s visual effects, scores and overall awesomeness. And back in 1999, a little toy company known as Lego decided to step forward and make a desperate grab for the license of Star Wars in order to make build-able toys based off of the films. Little did people know that this would turn the Lego company around from near bankruptcy to, literally, the largest brand in the world (seriously, google it, I’m not exaggerating).


Back before the turn of the century, Lego was on death’s door ; the products produced were not being sold  for as much as they cost to make, and this continued well into 2003. However, back in 1999, LucasFilm agreed to give Lego the license to allow them to produce sets based off of the then soon-to-be released Phantom Menace movie, along with some kits being based off of the classic films.This was the first time that licensed themes had become a huge part of Lego’s line of products. The deal then was that these sets would be discontinued after 2007, meaning that no Clone Wars, Rebels, Sequel Trilogy or re-made older sets would ever of been produced if this was to of been the case. With many themes failing left right and center (I’m looking at you Galidor), Lego were hanging on by the skin of their teeth, and only just managed to scrape by with the popularity of their own self-made brand, Bionicle, and these new Star Wars kits, consisting of sets like the Naboo Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Land-speeder and Gungan Sub (Which was the second set we ever reviewed).

Here’s Jason in 2010 reviewing the Gungan Sub, way back before I even started watching the show — the only difference with Jay is his hair length…
New designers were also starting to get hired. The designers who were good at creating products but knew next to nothing about Lego’s history were fired, and the Die-hard Lego enthusiasts with a little less experience stepped in. They were keen to make sure that themes such as Star Wars didn’t do what Galidor did ; they made sure they kept the “Lego  feel” , with the classic bricks being built in with only a few new molds.

This meant that the Lego Star Wars theme became a rapid and huge success, just about keep Lego’s head above the water line. After scraping by for a few more years, and with many more set opportunities being created by all the vehicles seen in the Star Wars universe, Lego then decided to use this new name in a different style – a Video Game, previously unheard of from the company. The 2005 Lego Star Wars : The Video Game was an instant hit what with the conclusion of the Prequels coming out that year, and is still a classic today. Oddly enough, the game came out on March 29th whereas  the film was released on May 7th, meaning those who got the game before that date received a good few spoilers about the film (Likely why the game was comically inaccurate, a trend that continues today). This was then followed by a game  focusing on the original Trilogy the next year.

After realizing the huge success that  this theme had spawned, the licensed was then renewed to 2011. The theme was now a household name for the company, with a huge amount of molds exclusive to the line and sets of all sizes from Battle Packs to UCS sets.

And low and behold, the Clone Wars was upon us. In 2008, the now fan-favorite TV Series and animated movie was released, spawning yet another sub-theme for the line and eventually the 3rd Video game in the series.

We all know what happens from there. The license was then renewed to 2022 in February of 2012, and the rest is history.

Over the last 16 years, Lego Star Wars, as a theme, has truly become a symbol for lego, and has been its most successful licensed line ever since it’s conception. This is the theme that got me into Lego, and I have more Star Wars themed sets than any other. It truly is a theme that I and many millions of others adore, as it is the theme I have the most history with (Fun fact : Lego Star Wars is the same age as me with only a few months differnce, as it began in summer 1999, when I was born).

As such, I hope for another 16 years of Lego Star Wars, and a happy May the 4th to all!

How Accurate Are The Age Of Ultron Sets?

It is common knowledge with Lego Marvel fans that The Lego Group aren’t best known for their screen accuracy…I’m looking at you Iron Man 3. That said, they have hit both ends of the spectrum, with the original Avengers sets and recent Guardians of the Galaxy sets being pretty spot on. So, now we must ask a new question ; just how accurate are the Avengers : Age Of Ultron sets?


#1 Iron Man Vs Ultron


So where to begin…Well lets start with how excellent the figures are. The Mark 45 is very accurate  and a nice new addition to the Iron Legion. The sentries are also great, appearing throughout the film and with the new head mold being used to finish off the Ultron Prime figure, they really are brilliant. But, what is that vehicle…

It is so far from being accurate it might as well be a DC vehicle. Seriously, what is that?! It never appears in any part of the film, and the drones certainly don’t combine to form one! They literally made this vehicle simply because they had to, as Ultron has no vehicles in the film…       6/10

#2 The Avengers Hydra Showdown



This set, however, is quite accurate indeed, which I honestly didn’t expect. Thor and Hawkeye are accurate as expected, although a Qui-Gon hair style for Thor would of suited his new look a bit better. The henchman is also suprisingly spot-on, and resembles their on-screen counterparts, unlike the extremis figures from 2013. The Avengers jeep is also seen on screen with something resembling the Hydra buggy also being shown. All in all, quite well done.        8.5/10

#3 The Hulk Buster Smash



Yet another set that has presented us with a ton of screen accuracies. The MK 44 ‘Veronica’ Armour is obviously not to scale, but is at least highly detailed and rather uncanny. Surprisingly, the odd-looking contraption that the Hulk is held in does appear on screen, although does look slightly different. The implication of Scarlet Witch controlling him is also correct, and even though Ultron does not appear in this scene, the design of him is perfect.      8/10

#4 The Hydra Fortress Smash



Now despite the hideous price point, this set is also reasonably accurate; the tank may not be the correct colour but the shape and size is good enough. Stucker’s suit it the wrong colour, but that is really a minor issue. The new Captain America is very well done, although the odd looking face does detract from the overall look. Quicksilver wears a different outfit at this point in the film but again, minor nitpick. The new gem in the end of the sceptre is a more accurate resemblance than the original design, and since the fortress is so large in the film there’s a chance that there’s a get somewhere which looks like this….     7.5 / 10

#5 Attack On Avengers Tower


This set is one of the most accurate in my opinion. The balcony obviously can’t fit the Quinjet on it like in the movie, but the lounge area, sceptre storage room, Ultron Progam screens and Iron Legion docking room all appear in the film, and the drones and Ultron Mk 1 are very well designed. The Avengers’ outfits are way off, but it does mean that these figures are easier to obtain.       8.5/10

#6 The Avengers Quinjet Chase



Ok, now this set is near perfect. I honestly didn’t expect this, but the whole ‘The vision needs to be rescued from a truck that’s controlled by Ultron and he’s in this weird cradle device” is, well, exactly what happens in the movie! And he is rescued with the jet! And the bike does come out the bottom! And Ultron is on top of the truck fighting Catpain America! And the design of the jet is also perfect!     10/10

Overall rating for entire line : 8.8/10!


New Set Photos For, Well, Most Themes!

Ok. Allow me to make something perfectly clear, right here right now. Doing a Brick Show News segment on set photos is quite simple – a bit of filming, some HD pictures, reasonable editing and bang! Video. But doing an article on them is different. Because articles are supposed to be long. And well, there is only so much you can physically write down about, well, pictures. I could go through what the pictures show, but well, it’s pretty obvious.

For interesting bits about sets that may be talking points (such as whether or not these new Bionicle villain characters are just the heroes after being latched onto by the skull spiders) are still tricky  to write about, because as seen above, these opinions don’t really fill a lot space…So, whenever set pictures come out, you can basically expect me to post them and scamper. Because, well, I can’t do much else.

So here they are, from the fine folks over at Brickset!

Star Wars

Facebook-20150425-121558 Facebook-20150425-121602 Facebook-20150425-121550 Facebook-20150425-121544 Facebook-20150425-121609 Facebook-20150425-121615


Personally, I feel this Star Wars wave is a little weak ; the sets seem to be of a moderate  standard, in particular the Imperial Shuttle and Assault Carrier, but with The Force Awakens coming up, I’m much more keen to see photos of those sets…


70792-1 (1) 70793-1 (1)  70794-1 (1)70795-1 (1)


As mentioned above, the fact that the golden masks of the heroes are included in these sets could suggest 2 things to me ; these are the Heroes turned Villains by skull spiders or these are their significant others, of  which have defeated the Toa and taken their masks.

Super Heroes

Facebook-20150425-121624 Facebook-20150425-121628 Facebook-20150425-121632 Facebook-20150425-121638 Facebook-20150425-121643 Facebook-20150425-121619Ant man Ant man2


I am, unlike the SW line, very much looking forward to these new Super Heroes sets. I’m not a big collector of DC (and the JokerLand price is ridiculous), but I’m dying to get my hands on that Ant-man set!


70730-1 70731-1 70740-1 70742-1


This is just a selection of the NinjaGo images, due to my computer acting weird, but these images do capture the atmosphere of the wave for me — exactly the same thing again. I’m sorry, but personally I find LEGO’s own themes becoming very repetitive nowadays….


So, what do you think of all these new sets? I find them all to have their moments, but no matter how much is crammed into these other lines, I still need that Ant-Man Figure….


All Star Wars Build-able Figures Now Revealed!

So, a while back we got the first official look at two of 6 new “Constraction” sets to be released as part of the Star Wars them later this year (September to be exact).  There figures are very, very similar to Bionicle and the now-discontinued Hero Factory, but based on Star Wars Characters instead. At the NY Toy Fair, we were shown Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Seriously, what is up with Luke’s face?! And those hips?!

Opinions on these were mixed, with Vader being said as a great figure due to him looking very robotic in reality, whereas Luke was said to just look plain weird – something I agree with.

However, more recently, some Clone Wars Constraction figures were also released, these being Grevious and Kenobi. This had exactly the same effect, with the mechanical Grevious said to be an uncanny representation whereas the face in particular on Kenobi was said to be  too angular and inhuman.

The body looks ok, but that face…odd.
Reminds me of the brick-built Grevious from years ago…..those were the days.

But now, we have been given two more figures, this time from the Prequel Trilogy. These would be Commander Cody and  Jango Fett. I would say that these figures are ok, as they are both fairly robotic looking on film, since they are always wearing battle armor. The new molds  for their helmets are also excellent representations. (Pardon the low quality, but Lego has not released official product photos as of yet).

tn_jangofett_jpg lego_news_34881

So, there we have it ; all 6 of  the build-able  figures set to be released in September, ranging from $20-$35, with Grevious likely  taking the $35 point due to his piece count being almost double that of the other 5. So, which of  these figures are you most looking forward to? Tell us below!

LEGO Dimensions Official Announcement!

Over the last few days, a few images have been released by Lego, showing multiple mini figures (such as WyldStyle, Gandalf and Batman) in front of a blue portal with the hashtag #BreakTheRules. We had no idea what this meant…until now.

Earlier today, an official announcement regarding this has been released, saying that these images were regarding a new game to be released on September 27th : LEGO Dimensions!

This is the starter set, containing the portal along with the above-mentioned figures. I hope they’re not glued to those stands!

The game will be similar to that of popular titles such as Skylanders, where minifigures are placed on to some sort of interactive plate, causing a virtual version of said minifigure to appear in-game. The starter pack will feature a buildable portal along with a Batmobile mini build, Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf figures. Additional packs containing Ninjago, Back To The Future,  Lord Of The Rings and The Wizard Of Oz characters will be sold separately.

Fun Packs will include a figure and a vehicle, a Team Pack contains 2 figures and their vehicles and a Level Pack contains a figure, a vehicle and an additional level.

You can pre order all of them over on Amazon, here for the UK and here for the USA.

What do you think of these new sets? I for one think the idea is great, but not at those prices! since these games are gonna be aimed at TFOLS and kids, I can tell you no one will want to spend that much!