LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21009 Revealed

YouTube video!

The LEGO Ideas blog has released a video revealing the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21009. There are no details but we are getting two green Classic Space minifigures and the robot turtle along with the Exo Suit! The set will be available in August.

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit Box Teaser Image

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In the comments over on The Brick Fan, someone posted an image of the box for the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109 which came from the German LEGO calendar/catalog. The commenter also notes that the set will include more than one minifigure so we may see the same minifigures from the teaser images and video that came out recently. What are your thoughts from what you can see so far of the Exo Suit?

SDCC 2014 Transformers KRE-O Class of 1984 Kreon 30-Pack

SDCC Kreon Class of 1984

San Diego Comic Con is coming up later this month and Hasbro will be having an exclusive KRE-O set, the Transformers Class of 1984 Kreon 30-pack. It features 30 of some of the most popular Autobots and Decepticons in G1 and G2 decos including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Bumblebee. There are even a couple of new Transformers Kreon making their debut in this set including Ultra Magnus, Rumble, and Frenzy. Hasbro is also going retro with the Class of 1984 set with some accessories from the 80s like a Rubix Cube, a boom box, a VHS tape, and cassette tapes. The Transformers KRE-O Class of 1984 Kreon 30-Pack will be available at SDCC at the HasbroToyShop Booth #3329 for $59.99.

SDCC Kreon Class of 1984 Box Interior

SDCC Kreon Class of 1984

LEGO City Arctic Scout 30310 Polybag Found at Toys R Us

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Toys R Us has listed another polybag that you may be able to find in stores very soon, the LEGO City Arctic Scout 30310 polybag. It is listed on the website as sold in stores but you may want to call and check to see if they actually have them on the racks. The polybag goes for $4.99 each and it has 39 pieces.

(Hat tip: The Brick Fan)

LEGO Fusion Site Live

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As we reported last week, LEGO is coming out with a new theme called LEGO Fusion and it is supposed to combine real play with virtual play. We have just learned that the site for LEGO Fusion is now live and it has details of the theme itself as well as each of the sets: Town Master 21204, Battle Towers 21205, Create & Race 21206, and Resort Designer 21208. LEGO has also released videos dedicated to each of the sets which you can watch below. Three of the sets will be available in August and the final (Resort Designer) will be available in September and they will cost $34.99 each.

(Hat tip: The Brick Fan)