Random Newz Update 2!

So a fair bit of news a has come about over the last week or two, but nothing major enough to warrant a whole article for itself, so that’s why I’m doing another random news article!

Doctor Who Dimensions News!

So, a day or two ago LEGO dimensions released quite a bit of news regarding Doctor Who; a trailer for the Doctor Who Missions, as well as a brand new fun pack were put out online, and were very well received indeed! The trailer shows many key points from the show including the T.A.R.D.I.S  , Daleks, Cybermen, The Dalek Emperor, Clara Oswald and of course Peter Capaldi’s doctor. Enough out of me though, go watch it for yourself!

Oh, and we also got images of the packs coming out, with the figures and build-able characters presumably being included in the LEGO Doctor Who Ideas set alter this year.

So much Hype!
So much Win!


“LEGO Avengers: The Video Game” Characters!

Revealed at SDCC this past few days, we were also given glimpses of many characters to be appearing in the Avengers Video Game later this year, including Crossbones, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, The HulkBuster, and Stan Lee’s HulkBuster and Iron Man designs, implying he well have powers from all superheroes as he did in LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

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Leaked TIE Fighter Pilot And Snowtrooper Designs!

As courtesy of David Hall, we yet again have leaked images of new Star Wars : The Force Awakens figures. I won’t focus too much on this, as, well, it’s a little “unorthodox”….

Lets keep these under the rug…

So there we have the biggest LEGO news from the past few days. Hopefully the official Force Awakens sets will be revealed sooner rather than later as we  only have just over 50 days until the sets actually come out…

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