LEGO Double VIP Points Promo Now Up At LEGO Shop@Home

Every now and then, LEGO launches a small period wherein certain purchases at Shop@Home made under a VIP membership will accumulate double the usual points. We saw that in action earlier this month when LEGO Shop@Home introduced Double Points for purchasing two particular LEGO Star Wars sets, particularly the X-Wing Starfighter (75218) and Yoda’s Hut (75208). Apparently LEGO is feeling more generous as October gets to the halfway point and the Holidays start coming in force. Well as of this writing, they have Shop@Home holding a LEGO double VIP points promo to last until the 31st, and this time it’s now available for all LEGO purchases.

Through out the month of October, all online LEGO VIP shoppers at Shop@Home will be getting double VIP points on all LEGO products purchased this month. If shoppers have held off on buying those big, new LEGO sets such as the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043) and the more holiday-appropriate Creator Winter Village Fire Station (10263), then it will be wise to take advantage of the LEGO double VIP points promo while it is still up.

It probably also bears reminding that this is also the beginning of the promo period for the LEGO Minifigure Collector Frame (5005359), with one exclusive collectible minifigure. It comes free with any minimum LEGO purchase of $75, and a must for minifigure collectors.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) and Marvel Super Heroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108) Now at Great Discounts on Amazon

It seems that Amazon and Walmart are now charging neck to neck for the best LEGO set deals just ahead of the year-end holiday craze. The latter has been offering some 15-18% discounts on mostly LEGO Star Wars such as the Snowspeeder (75144) and the 2018 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213) while the former is a tad more diverse with the product lines involved. And indeed, there’s some new LEGO stuff with dialed-down prices to be had at the world’s biggest online retail platform. First up is the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) which was released February of this year. It slashes 20% off the original $69.99 SRP for a more affordable $55.99.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313)

Next on Amazon’s notable recent LEGO set sale listings is one for the LEGO and MCU fan, with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108) tie-in for last May’s Avengers: Infinity War film. From its original price of $99.99, Amazon now offers this set with a 15% off, lowering its price at $84.99.


Both sets are available with Amazon free shipping, and are good sources of uncommon LEGO elements. The elegantly designed LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) has plenty of 1×1 trans-blue round studs and the clear parts making up the bottle. Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108) has the new Iron Spider and Ebony Maw minifigures plus Cull Obsidian in bigfig form. What better time to snap up these wonderful LEGO sets.

LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) Now On Sale at Walmart

The LEGO sales at Walmart are starting to come out of the woodwork again, after some action in earlier parts of the year with the retail giant’s participation in LEGO’s 60th anniversary promotional events. While the last two we touched upon here were of the Star Wars line, this new one’s for a LEGO-original theme.

And if you think the previous Walmart sale of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) was “old” enough and somehow poised to be retired, then you might be surprise to know that the LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) is still available. First released in 2010, this set’s about eight years old now, and can still be purchased at LEGO Stores both online and in-store.

But if you’re a LEGO fan with an architectural bent who would still hesitate at the Tower Bridge (10214) regular price of $239.99, then you might want to consider Walmart’s offer for the set, listed at $194.99, an 18% discount as of this posting.

LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214)

Once again, Walmart has made a great price cut for another LEGO set, this one in particular being one of the oldest still available on retail that has yet to be retired. The new price for the LEGO Creator Tower Bridge (10214) is a better value for a 4,287-piece structural construct with extra micro-build vehicles. However, if you’re planning to buy this set while minding your LEGO VIP points, then you just have to check LEGO Shop@Home and add this 4,00o-piece set to your shopping cart.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) Now On Sale at Walmart

Tis the season to be a LEGO shopper, as with the Holidays coming soon, a number of LEGO sets on retailers have seen their prices discounted. And the favored theme line for those sale prices is LEGO Star Wars, which recently had its 2018 Advent Calendar (75213) discounted at Walmart. Next on the retail chain’s list of LEGO sets to be more affordable is something a bit older than the above, as in a LEGO set that came out last year. We’re talking about the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144), the Ultimate Collector Series set that came out before the meme-worthy release of the blockbuster UCS Millennium Falcon (75192).

Marked at $199.99 on Shop@Home, the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) is being offered by Walmart for the lowered price of $169.99 as of this posting, with options for either free shipping or pickup. Thirty dollars off the tag is definitely a sweet deal.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144)

It should be noted though that Amazon, which recently put a sale price on the LEGO Friends 2018 Advent Calendar (41353), is also offering similar discounts on the UCS Snowspeeder (75144). The difference is that Amazon’s offer is for the frustration-free packaging only (Standard is at $194.99 instead).

Anyway, that’s quite the price drop now for a LEGO Star Wars UCS set that’s about a year old now, and long overshadowed by the UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) to boot. Bargain hunters should visit Walmart to see if it’s enough to catch their fancy.

Toys R Us Is Making a Comeback as Geoffrey’s Toy Box

After the news broke out that negotiations are in order that might revive Toys R Us in the US and in the UK, hope was renewed on the possibility of seeing the toy giant opening its doors once again. Though the details of the negotiations were still a bit sketchy at that time, it looks like more info is coming in which gives us a hint on what Toys R Us will be at the wake of its revival. And today, an official press release from TRU itself has finally shed light on what will happen to the beloved toy store. To be clear about one thing: a planned buyout of the company was eventually cancelled because TRU’s controlling lenders saw that the company brand and name is too valuable for such a decision. Their solution is to transform TRU and rebrand it accordingly as Geoffrey’s Toy Box. Here’s a portion of the press release which focuses on what we can expect from the new rebranding.

Geoffrey’s Toy Box

Geoffrey, LLC, as reorganized, will control a portfolio of intellectual property that includes trademarks, ecommerce assets and data associated with the Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us businesses in the United States and all over the world, including a portfolio of over 20 well-known toy and baby brands such as Imaginarium, Koala Baby, Fastlane and Journey Girls. The reorganized company will own rights to the Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us brands in all markets globally, with the exception of Canada. It will also become the licensor of the brands to the company’s existing network of franchisees operating in countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and in South Africa.

As stated in the above press release, Geoffrey’s Toy Box will give emphasis on their existing portfolio of IPs and will own the rights to all Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores and brands. Exempted from this is TRU Canada. It is also interesting to note that in the recent Dallas Toy Preview, Geoffrey’s Toy Box is specifically described as,

“Wholesale toy distributor and intellectual property company whose focus is on popular play patterns across trusted brands that kids and parents love. Geoffrey’s Toy Box is a fully outfitted organization with design, development and global sourcing expertise. Portfolio includes popular brands like Journey Girls, Fastlane, True Heroes, You & Me, Imaginarium, Just like Home and more!”

It is then followed by a list of product categories that it will offer. Geoffrey’s Toy Box will follow a “shop-within-a-shop” strategy where they will partner with other big retailers and malls for that floor space in order to meet the demands of the shopping crowd especially as the holiday season kicks in. This is somehow similar to what LEGO is trying to accomplish with its LEGO Pop-Up Stores concept.

We still don’t have any information yet on what specific third party toy brands will Geoffrey’s Toy Box will carry, but there is a good possibility that we might still see the LEGO brand as one of them.  The only question is if this strategy will somehow be able to bring back that nostalgic appeal of visiting a TRU toy store, and if this will be enough to significantly compete against online retail giant Amazon.

What’s your take on this brick fans? Are you excited to see how Geoffrey’s Toy Box will turn out? Are we to see upcoming LEGO sets displayed in their store shelves eventually? Share your thoughts below.

LEGO and IBM Teams Up for AI-Powered Interactive Advertising

If you thought the recent collaboration between LEGO and China’s Tencent Games to launch a new mobile title was pretty much already out there, then perhaps you haven’t seen everything yet. It’s amazing just how much brand power LEGO can wield when your next collaboration involves using AI for advertising. To this end, LEGO and IBM teams up to boost the former’s advertising to a whole new, interactive level utilizing IBM’s Watson Ads Omni. To get technical, these ads use “hyper-personalization at scale along with actionable insights”.

What that means is the new LEGO ads can actually sell particular sets to fans currently browsing on their sites, particularly Shop@Home. They can “talk” to the AI, perhaps via typed-in text. The AI will ask them questions on what LEGO sets they’d like, then make a list of recommendations.

IBM’s press release on the work they’ve done with LEGO claims that the AI-powered ads are “empowering the brand to have meaningful one-to-one conversations at scale with consumers wherever they may be in their path to purchase”. At the least, they can smartly recommend from 35 possible best-selling sets available. Its like having a virtual LEGO Brick Specialist assisting you.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to cut through the clutter and provide meaningful brand interactions for shoppers,” remarks LEGO Systems Senior Director (brand relations) Michael McNally. This LEGO and IBM team up is not just expected to increase LEGO’s profit margin, but most importantly, will provide a better, “personalized” experience for online shoppers once the holiday season shopping spree kicks in.

When these smart AI-powered advertisements will be online, however, wasn’t quite answered yet. We just have to wait and see, and keep tabs with LEGO Shop@Home.


Source: MediaPost

New and Exclusive LEGO Store D2C Sets Available Now

It is almost the weekends, and for those of you who are looking forward for that weekend build, this could only mean one thing: you can finally open this month’s next wave of new and exclusive LEGO Store D2C sets that you have just purchased today, thanks to your LEGO VIP membership perks. But before you do, be sure to wake up from this daydream and go out there and actually get your hands on the new LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) and the holiday-themed LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263). These direct-to-consumer sets are now exclusively available for early VIP access starting today at all LEGO brand stores and at  Just click on the affiliate links below for more details.

LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)

Relive a world of unforgettable moments from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back or add your own fun twists to the story with this LEGO® Star Wars 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City set. The amazingly detailed set is divided into 4 sections, each depicting scenes from the classic movie. There’s a landing platform complete with Boba Fett’s Slave I ship, a detailed promenade, a dining room with seating for 5 minifigures, a garbage processing room with incinerator, and a sensor balcony for epic Luke vs. Vader Lightsaber duels. There’s also a carbon freeze chamber with a function to ‘freeze’ Han in carbonite, an interrogation chamber and prison cell, a secondary landing platform for the Twin-Pod Cloud Car, and so much more. Add an astonishing 18 LEGO minifigures plus 2 droids to the mix, and you have a set that Star Wars and LEGO fans of any age would be proud to add to their collection.


LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263)

Exclusive LEGO Store D2C Sets

Welcome to the snowy LEGO® Creator Expert 10263 Winter Village Fire Station, where the firefighters are enjoying the calm of the holiday season. This delightful LEGO set features a 2-level, holly-adorned building with an upper-level kitchen, complete with a red telephone, table, fold-down bed and a LEGO light brick. Behind the large red fire station doors, you’ll discover firefighting equipment and a fire pole, while outside there’s an ice rink with a decorative firefighter statue, a decorated Christmas tree with transparent star and gifts, plus a bench and lamppost. This set also features a classic red fire truck with a turntable ladder, hoses, toolbox and deep-tread tires. Gather the family and bring the magic of the holiday season to your home with this festive LEGO Creator Expert set. Includes 6 minifigures, plus baby and Dalmatian figures, and a brick-built snowman.


For a closer look at the features of this new and exclusive LEGO Store D2C sets, you may watch this first review video for the Betrayal at Cloud City (75322) set, and a nice designer video of the Winter Village Fire Station (10263). Happy building!

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) To Be Discontinued?

The highly prized LEGO Ideas NASA  Apollo Saturn V (21309) may probably still sit on the top of our must-have LEGO sets of the year, but unfortunately, in spite of the relative early shelf life of this set since its release last June, the availability of the Apollo Saturn V (21309) has been notoriously close to none. True, we have the reassuring words from the LEGO Ideas Team that the set will not be retired right away given that it has only been three months in circulation since its release on June 1st. There were also moments when the NASA Apollo Saturn V set has been available at LEGO shop@home on very seldom occasions. However, the obvious unavailability of the set for weeks has cast a shadow of a doubt on the truth behind the availability of this highly sought after set.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309)

For weeks already, has always returned a ‘Temporarily Out of Stock’ message each time a query has been made for this set. Similarly, LEGO Brand and Certified stores have been informing customers about the indefinite date of 21309’s arrival in their respective stores. In search for answers, our friends from Promo Bricks decided to dig deeper and was able to have a privileged conversation with an undisclosed LEGO Product Manager. This may sound very, very sad, but according to Promo Bricks, the said manager has revealed that LEGO no longer has plans of producing the highly prized set. In other words, they are now in the process of delivering and selling the last copies of 21309 that went into production.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309)

From the LEGO Group’s business perspective, this somehow makes sense, especially considering what a LEGO Customer Service Rep told Promo Bricks. According to the said LEGO CSR, even before a set is released for sale, there is already a pre-determined number of copies that each set is expected to have. This number is not usually revealed to the public, and the sets are produced in batches. When the demand exceeds the pre-determined supply eventually, then better expect delivery delays and ultimately the set’s cancellation. Furthermore, given the long lead-times needed to produce such great sets like the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309), it is very impractical to produce more sets just for a short-term supply. Simply put, the NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) set is hugely popular and a solid success that LEGO could no longer supply the growing demand.

But then again, these are just assumptions that we have based on currently available information. Perhaps LEGO will still reconsider and we will still get to see this gorgeous set once again on store shelves. Let’s just hope for the best.

What are your thoughts about this brick fans? Let me know in the comments.