LEGO Movie 2 Rex Dangervest Plantimal Ambush (30460) Polybag Revealed

The past few days saw a somewhat quick succession of new tie-ins for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part showing up. While the boxed sets have been available on LEGO Shop@Home for some time now, several tie-in polybags have been popping up at retail or as part of some promo. After a blitz of polybags featuring the film’s main protagonist Master Builder Emmet, we now go to another character (who is still voiced by Emmet’s Chris Pratt by the way). Rex Dangervest, the spacefaring archeologist, adventurer, and raptor trainer now gets his own mini-set with the LEGO Movie 2 Rex Dangervest Plantimal Ambush (30460) polybag.

Packed with 32 pieces and a minifigure, the LEGO Movie 2 Rex Dangervest Plantimal Ambush (30460) polybag dramatizes what seems like a day in the office for Rex. With his trusty two-barrel hand cannon he’s ready to take on any plant-animal hybrid alien trying to jump him anywhere in the galaxy.

Info and images on this polybag have thus far only been seen on LEGO’s online servers, so we’ve yet to ascertain if it’s another retailer-available item like Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340), Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) or the Mini Master-Building Emmet (30259). It might also be a promotional thing like the Star-Stuck Emmet (30620), which is a pre-order bonus at EB Games.

Credits to Hoth Bricks for the heads-up.

Where to Find The LEGO Movie 2 Benny’s Space Squad (70841) Other Than LEGO Shop@Home

It’s finally New Year’s Eve now, and the latest year-end gift shopping activities would be winding down now. Well, except perhaps for the LEGO buyers and collectors. There are lots of new sets debuting January first after all, and even several of them that were actually released early, like the tie-in sets for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Chances are, almost all the LEGO Movie 2 tie-in box sets that we previewed at the beginning of the month have been available since last week. There are a few exceptions though, like the adorably retro Benny’s Space Squad (70841) that throws back to classic-era space-themed LEGO minifigures like Benny. It’s appeal to AFOLs is unmistakable considering that this is the first time LEGO is re-releasing these classic Space minifigures.

This set is only on back order at LEGO Shop@Home, but some diligent searching online can turn up some early appearances for Benny’s Space Squad (70841). Amazon has it, and while it won’t be in stock until January 9, it’s still sooner than Shop@Home; but there are other, still-earlier listings.

For instance, both Target and Barnes & Noble have the set already available, certainly online and at some of their stores. Thankfully they have a zip code search so you can ascertain if your nearest Target or B&N stores have set 70841 already in stock.

Benny's Space Squad (70841)

The LEGO Movie 2 Benny’s Space Squad (70841) features the 80s LEGO spaceman/Master Builder Benny and his identical (but differently-colored) teammates Kenny, Lenny and Jenny. The film itself premieres February 8, 2019.

SPOTTED: New LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building Emmet (30529) Polybag Found in Walmart and Target Stores

From box sets to polybags, if it’s tied into The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part coming early in 2019, then it’s getting a big push as they roll out prior to the film’s premiere itself. Among the polybag tie-ins already available is the nifty Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) 3-in-1 set, and it’s already joined early by one more addition. Just as the LEGO Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) has been located online in eBay, a similar 3-in-1 polybag has been spotted in real life at major retailer shelves. This is the Mini Master-Building Emmet (30529) polybag, featuring LEGO Movie’s main character.

We’ve seen the multiform “modes” of the MetalBeard polybag (tripod walker, tricycle and sailing ship). Emmet, as typical of him, has a pile of LEGO bricks he can build into a construction crane, a car or a bipedal walker. It fits his everyman nature compared to the gritty aesthetics of his costars in LEGO Movie 2, as seen in trailers.

Already two big names in retail have been noted to have the LEGO Mini Master-Building Emmet (30529) polybag on stock for buyers: Walmart and Target. It comes in the $3.97 typical polybag price range, and has 49 pieces in all.

Time will tell what other surprises LEGO has for us as the year turns, all to hype up The LEGO Movie 2 on February 2019.

DK LEGO Movie 2 Tie-In Books Released This Week

LEGO and Warner Bros are revving up promotions for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, especially that its due to release in cinemas February next year. Other than the awesome tie-in sets now made available across LEGO brand stores and, LEGO is working again with longtime publishing partner Dorling Kindersley to give us the best collection of LEGO Movie 2 tie-in books for children of all ages.

Here’s a rundown on all the LEGO Movie 2 tie-in books that were recently released by DK via Amazon right on Christmas Eve. Head over directly to Amazon by clicking on the links below.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Awesomest, Most Amazing, Most Epic Movie Guide in the Universe 

A sweet introductory guide to the LEGO Movie world setting, its characters and other fun trivia facts all in 96 pages and priced $8.99 on retail.


Discover everything there is to know about THE LEGO® MOVIE 2(TM) with this totally awesome guide to all the characters, vehicles and locations.

The ultimate companion to the highly anticipated THE LEGO MOVIE 2, this book explores the heroes and the villains you’ll meet in the movie. Packed full of exciting and informative text, plus illustrations of THE LEGO MOVIE 2 sets and minifigures, this book provides everything you need to know about THE LEGO MOVIE 2.

The LEGO Movie 2: Ultimate Sticker Collection

Not an information treasure trove like the above. Rather, it’s a handy 72-page collection of LEGO Movie 2 stickers to put wherever you like them; retails for $12.99.


Join Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Unikitty from THE LEGO ® MOVIE 2(TM) as they explore the brick-built world in this awesome new LEGO sticker collection, which includes more than 1,000 stickers!

THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Ultimate Sticker Collection features stickers of all the latest LEGO MOVIE 2 sets and minifigures, and is full of exciting facts and images of the heroes, villains, locations and vehicles. Have fun finding the stickers for each page to recreate your favourite moments from the movie, or choose to create your own scenes.

The LEGO Movie 2: Emmet to the Rescue

Now we come to the story adaptations; this is a Level 1 DK reader for young kids to learn about Emmet’s quest to save his friends in the movie. 24 pages for $4.99 are worth it.


Join Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Unikitty from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2(TM) on their new adventures in this exciting book for children learning to read. Packed with images of THE LEGO MOVIE 2 sets and minifigures, this book will get young fans hooked on reading.

Exciting images, simple vocabulary, and a fun quiz will engage young readers and help them build confidence in reading. Combining DK’s four-level reading scheme with the popular THE LEGO MOVIE 2 theme, THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Reader is at Level 1 and will help children learn to read-and to love

The LEGO Movie 2: Awesome Heroes

Last but not least we have a more advanced Level 2 Reader tie-in, this one’s a nice reference to the main characters of the LEGO Movie franchise, from the everyman to the superhero, to the unicorn-cat princess, Master Builders all. That’s 42 pages of character adventures for $16.99.


Join Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Unikitty from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2(TM) on their new adventures in this exciting book for children learning to read. Packed with images of THE LEGO MOVIE 2 sets and minifigures, this book will get young fans hooked on reading.

Exciting images, simple vocabulary, and a fun quiz will engage young readers, helping them to build their confidence in reading. Combining DK’s four-level reading scheme with the popular THE LEGO MOVIE 2 theme, THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Reader is at Level 2 and will help kids learn to read-and to love reading.

You can catch all of these sweet LEGO Movie 2 book tie-ins from DK at LEGO Stores, major book retail outlets like Barnes & Noble, and online such as with Amazon.

The LEGO Movie 2 International Trailer Shows Us Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering

In this day and age, it seems like the release of new trailers for upcoming films are awaited with the same intensity as for the movies themselves. Viewers of these trailers, who are anticipating the films, tend to want to see more details of the plot and events, sometimes without regard for potential spoiler alerts. Now, Warner Animation Group’s The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part has already gotten a few trailers out. We have a general gist of the plot (Bricksburg turning to a wasteland after the attack of the Duplons, Emmet chasing a Systar General who have kidnapped his friends), and this time the LEGO Movie 2 international trailer seems to “fill in the blanks”, as it were.

New scenes featured in the LEGO Movie 2 international trailer flashes back to the end of the first movie, where Emmet and the gang first encountered the innocent-looking Duplons. Emmet tries to make a peaceful first contact (creating the ‘Piece Offering’ we see in the same-named Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering polybag). Obviously, it fails and we get to see its result later on.

Other scenes that elaborate on the storyline include fight sequences during the Duplon invasion of Bricksburg, plus Emmet asking Rex Dangervest to “teach him how to be tough”. Good luck, Emmet.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part stars Chris Pratt (Emmet and Rex), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Will Arnett (LEGO Batman), Stephanie Beatriz (Sweet Mayhem) and Tiffany Haddish (Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi). It premieres February 8, 2019.

First Peek at The LEGO Movie 2 Promotional Cinema Standee

Hey, we’ve got another report concerning The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. We hope you’re not bored with them yet, especially as this one relates to the film itself, rather than the tie-in sets we’ve been featuring in days past. In particular, this concerns The LEGO Movie 2 promotional cinema standee.

Many major Hollywood blockbusters usually go beyond just cinema posters for hyping their movies and include freestanding ads like cinema standees. LEGO news source Brick Fanatics has shared an image of the LEGO Movie 2 standee (courtesy of Flickr member Penciller Zero), featuring a LEGO-spaceship already familiar to fans that have seen the film’s other promotional images.

Remember that image of the starship with the round window? That’s the vessel of the Systar General Sweet Mayhem, who abducted several of the LEGO Movie master builders including Emmet and Wyldstyle. The ship is rendered in the standee, with the captive master builders Batman, MetalBeard, Unikitty and Benny inside the window. Plus Mayhem, Emmet and Wyldstyle freely standing outside and to the vessel’s sides.

It’ll be great to see this impressive LEGO Movie 2 promotional cinema standee being set up in a major theater near you as we all look forward to the release of The LEGO Movie 2 in February next year. We hope your local cinema gets one of these for those brick-loving groupies.

LEGO Movie 2 Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) Polybag Spotted in Target

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is only about two months away from its premiere, and already a lot of the big set tie-ins have been revealed in past months. Now, the tie-in polybags are getting their turn on the spotlight, with the recent showings of Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) and Star-Stuck Emmet (30620). Now, there’s one other LEGO Movie 2 set priced as a polybag that’s longlisted on the Eurobricks forum, one with the set number 30340. A reader of LEGO news source The Brick Fan has found the said polybag being sold in Target, and has given its name: Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340).

Emmet's 'Piece' Offering (30340)

Coming in at 44 pieces, the pun-worthy Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) is a multicolored brick-built heart, ostensibly made by Emmet, which also comes as a minifig included in this polybag.

As with most LEGO polybag sets, we might expect Emmet’s ‘Piece’ Offering (30340) to be likely priced at $3.99 – the Eurobricks listing being at €2.99 in turn. We hope to eventually get further details on this little set very soon.

The LEGO Movie 2 Star Stuck Emmet (30620) Polybag Revealed!

We now have our second LEGO Movie 2 polybag hot on the heels of the recently revealed Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528). Brickset has recently updated its database, and we now get to see the sequel’s second tie-in polybag in the form of the LEGO Movie 2 Star Stuck Emmet (30620) polybag, If you recall from the official trailer, we get to see Sweet Mayhem causing havoc in the already torn down city of Bricksburg in pursuit of Lucy and Emmet. The battle-ready citizens of Bricksburg run for cover as they flee towards the Bat Cave. The moment that Emmet, Lucy and Unikitty finally made their way to Batman’s fortress, one of Sweet Mayhem’s Star Bombs got stuck in between the massive gates of the Bat Cave.

Unfortunately for our heroes, Emmet can’t resist the adorable, seemingly hurt Star Bomb and eventually gave in and opened the gate. Eventually, LEGO managed to capture those huge gates in microscale form with the LEGO Movie 2 Star Stuck Emmet (30620) polybag. Though Emmet is present in almost all upcoming LEGO Movie 2 sets, making it relatively easy to get one, this new polybag a cost-effective way to grab that new Emmet minifigure.

Small as it may seem, this set also features a moveable gate that opens and closes using a gear and wrench piece. It also replicates the massive gates using several sand green Nexo Knights shield pieces and includes two printed tiles that show two alternate expressions of the Star Bomb.

Unlike the Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) polybag which was reported to have been spotted at several Walmart stores, we don’t have any word yet on where to find the Star Stuck Emmet (30620) polybag. We’ll let you know once more news comes in, or feel free to give us a tip if ever you spot one of this. For now, if you haven’t seen the rest of the awesome LEGO Movie 2 sets offered by LEGO, then be sure to head over LEGO Shop@Home to know more about them.

Have a Tinseltastic Christmas with The LEGO Movie 2’s Emmet’s Holiday Party

Warner Bros have released a LEGO Movie 2 short to jumpstart the most awesome holiday celebration that Apocalypseburg ever had. Even after the unfortunate events of Taco Tuesday (and in spite of Lucy’s constant brooding), there will always be a reason to celebrate the season. Emmet’s Holiday Party plan is simple: bring all the townsfolk together in the townsquare, create the coolest skating rink ever (pun intended), decorate the town for the most tinseltastic holiday party ever and light up an enormous Christmas tree that can even be seen from outer space. Sounds impossible? Well, this LEGO Movie 2 short film shows that it really isn’t. Watch the clip below and see how the gang brightens up the place.

We also see a lot of familiar characters as revealed in previous trailers: we have a chest-ridden MetalBeard, Wasteland Batman, and Benny with his new mechanical arm just to name a few.  As it turns out, Lucy’s fears of calling unwanted attention from the Duplon invaders were not unfounded. We see once again the character of Sweet Mayhem and Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi watching from afar, and seemingly bent to ruin the town’s festivities. But as it turns out,they just want to give their share of holiday cheers, and to add the finishing touches to the town’s largest Christmas tree. After all, like what Emmet says, everybody deserves some peace and happiness during this holiday season.

The LEGO Movie 2’s Emmet’s Holiday Party short clip also gives us a first look at Apocalypseburg Alfred and a Christmas Sweater Batman. It will be great if they turned out to be actual minifigures, and I certainly hope that LEGO will eventually release them in future TLM2  waves or sets.

But for the meantime, be sure to do your share of spreading some good holiday vibes and to watch The LEGO Movie 2 in cinemas on February 8, 2019. The LEGO Movie 2 tie-in sets are now listed at LEGOShop@Home so be sure to check these out as well.

SPOTTED: New LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) Polybag

It’s getting more and more awesome as we approach the end of this year because it means that a whole new wave of The LEGO Movie 2 sets will be out there for the taking come January 1st. LEGO didn’t hold back on the reveals as it unveiled 19 TLM2 sets just in time before the film debuts in theaters on February 8, 2019. This time around, LEGO is expanding the roster of its TLM2 theme with the introduction of its first polybag. Reportedly spotted at Walmart stores by eagle-eyed LEGO fans, the LEGO Movie 2 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard (30528) polybag has now find its way in eBay,which, thankfully, gives us a better view on what to expect from this polybag.

Based on the following images, this wacky, scaled down version of the sea-faring,battle-hardened pirate MetalBeard looks very much the same as that in the Battle-Ready Batman and MetalBeard (70836).Though smaller in scale, it is interesting to note that even in just 42 pieces,this smaller version of MetalBeard allows you to build him in three distinct modes: a crab-like walker, a trike, and a micro pirate ship. Obviously, these are interchangeable builds and you’ll need three of these polybags to build each of MetalBeard’s modes separately.

There is no doubt that MetalBeard is perhaps the most versatile character in The LEGO Movie 2 universe. 🙂 

Since this has been spotted on Walmart store shelves, it is most likely that this particular polybag is a retailer-specific set. However,it is fair to assume that LEGO still has a couple of TLM2 polybags waiting to be revealed, very much the same as how they did it with the first LEGO Movie.If you recall back in 2014 LEGO released several polybags that are promotional tie-ins directly related to the first TLM film:  The Piece of Resistance (30280), Micro Manager Battle (30281), and Super Secret Police Enforcer (30282).

We’ll find out soon enough, so stay tuned for more updates. Thanks to Justin for the heads-up!