Take A Look At These Life-Sized LEGO Statues of DC’s Wonder Woman and LEGO Ninjago’s Jay.


LEGO is becoming more and more generous with their reveals as we inch closer to one of the biggest comic book fan conventions on the face of the planet. As it seems, LEGO will mark this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with a tribute to one of the most iconic DC superhero of all time who is also celebrating her 75th anniversary, alongside Marvel’s Captain America. If Steve Rogers is given the LEGO treatment by having his very own Captain America SDCC exclusive minifigure, the Amazonian Princess, Diana Prince will certainly blow you away with her life-size LEGO brick-built statue which will be one of the highlights of the LEGO Group during the Comic-Con. Here’s LEGO’s official announcement via its Facebook page.


Standing at an impressive 6’1” tall, this build was created using 22,736 LEGO bricks and elements and weighs in at 138 pounds. The LEGO master builders behind this awesome statue took a total of 99 hours to come up with the design, and additional 218 hours to build. Take a look at these photos of Wonder Woman’s brick-built statue courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, followed by a cool, time-lapse video of how it is built.

WonderWoman_02 WonderWoman_01 WonderWoman_00


In similar news, another monumental figure will be placed on exhibit at this year’s SDCC straight from the world of the Masters of Spinjutzu. LEGO Ninjago’s Jay Walker will also have his brick-built statue for the Comic-Con as announced by LEGO earlier last month.


Jay’s statue comes in at almost 3x times more LEGO bricks than that of Wonder Woman’s though it stands lower at 4’3”. Made up of a total 64,148 LEGO bricks and elements, these magnificent build took a total of 345 hours, or 43 working days, to complete.

Ninjago Jay_01 Ninjago Jay_00

These and other LEGO superhero exclusives are on their way to SDCC and if you’re attending this mega event, be on the lookout for these brick-built statues and other LEGO-related things during its four-day stretch. We hope to see more surprises from LEGO on the next few days so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!




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