Take A Magical Tour With The Designers Of The LEGO Disney Castle 71040.

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A few days ago, LEGO has pulled the veil off from one of this year’s most anticipated set, the LEGO Disney Castle 71040. Standing tall at over 29 inches, and being one of the tallest sets that LEGO has ever made, LEGO’s top designers now gives us a closer look at this 4,080-piece set with all its references to well-loved, Disney movies and some surprising, never-before-seen elements. Watch LEGO Designer Marcos Bessa as he is magically transported from Walt Disneyworld and then back to LEGO HQ for a firsthand look at the actual set of the LEGO Disney Castle 71040.

The LEGO Disney Castle  71040 pays tribute to the most loved Walt Disney animated films of all time like Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Rapunzel, Alladin and so much more. As it seems, the magic doesn’t end there, with a surprise element tucked under one of the tower’s spires – a special printed, fairy tale book that features the original, ‘Once upon a time’ Disney tagline as presented by Bessa.

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Graphics designer Austin Carlson provided the back story on how certain pieces in the LEGO Disney Castle were developed, including the minifigures that goes with it. For the first time ever, Tinker Bell gets her own minifigure with special wings exclusively sculpted for her.

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Set 71040 will be available at shop.lego.com starting September 1, 2016.


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