Take A Peek Inside the Mind of a LEGO Engineer


Jason Allemann and his partner Kristal (she’s the ‘K’ in JK Brickworks by the way) came up with another delightfully, mind-blowing original creation that gives us a peek at what makes a LEGO engineer tick. A follow-up and excellent compliment on Kristal’s 2014 MOC “The Artist”, her latest model of a kinetic sculpture of a human head has definitely tons of cool features inside. Using only a small crank that is inserted at the base of the sculpture, the fun begins once you turn on this little LEGO technic piece. Watch this.

The Engineer” doesn’t use any batteries to power on its light bulb, but instead uses friction as the crank is turned. Here’s Jason’s description of Krista’s The Engineer.

engineerOpen engeineerDemoModel

This is Kristal’s latest model, a kinetic sculpture of a human head that opens up to reveal the inner workings of the mind. This is the second model in a series that she started a year and a half ago with ‘The Artist‘. Each head in the series opens up in a different way to depict a different aspect of the human mind.

All of the complex mechanics, as well as the light, are powered through the single crank on the side of the model. The electricity for the light is generated by using a LEGO motor as a generator connected to the crank. There is quite a bit going on in this model, through a series of 29 gears and 4 gear racks, to achieve all of the behavior.

Jason Allemann is the genius behind LEGO Ideas Maze 21305 – a reinvention of the classic ball and labyrinth game with a delightful twist of LEGO creative fun. In case you missed Jason and Kristal’s The Artist MOC, here’s their video from 2014. Don’t forget to drop by their website to learn more about how to build the awesome MOCs that Jason features over his YouTube channel.


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