The Avengers Can Relax a Little Bit in Tony Stark’s LEGO Iron Man Lab

LEGO Iron Man Lab 03

Tony Stark sure knows how to chill, so much so that his fellow Avengers can’t help but hang around him – especially if you’re well covered in a crib surrounded by the meanest LEGO Iron Man suits around. Highly reminiscent of a scene in MCU’s Avengers: Age of Ultron where our Marvel superheroes were just taking a break and enjoying themselves prior to Ultron’s awakening, LEGO customizer Minh Pham sure knows the finer details of Iron Man’s suits that he is not afraid to throw in some of his own concepts as well. Stark could never be more proud with all of these 24 renditions of his suit.

Test your LEGO Iron Man mettle by picking out the original LEGO Iron Man suits from this amazing MOC. As far as I know, there are 12 known Iron Man minifigures that LEGO ever released, including a New York Toy Fair 2012 exclusive. Did you notice the Iron Spider on the right?

LEGO Iron Man Lab

Typical of LEGO’s brand of humor, Minh Pham was also able to capture that very rare moment when the Avengers can relax and chill out for a few moments. I just felt that maybe Black Widow Agent 13 Sharon Carter and Cap were having way too much fun…

LEGO Iron Man Lab 04

The customized Iron Monger and Mark 38 Igor bigfigs at the ground floor were absolutely spot on. Wish LEGO could have made one of these.

LEGO Iron Man Lab 02

LEGO Iron Man Lab 03

Let’s just hope Ultron doesn’t barge in and be a party pooper. Thanks Brothers Brick for the heads up.

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