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So, today I’ll be doing a big news article. No, not set news or images (Looking at you Force Awakens…), but news within The Brick Show itself. This article will be about all the upcoming MOCs that are currently in the pipeline between me, Jason and Stephen. There’s a lot of MOCs in development as of right now, and this list may well be updated over time, but this’ll be a list and description of all MOCs that we’re currently working on and that I am currently aware of. I’ll do my best to put them in date order too, keeping in mind that some of these have no dates  set and I’m just guessing when the guys will reveal them.

Warning : This is a VERY long editorial, aimed more so at TFOLs and AFOLs. I’ll try to keep it interesting though!

#1 – Star Wars : The Force Awakens Hangar Shoot-Out — January 2016!


Screenshot (17)
This is the scene in question.

This is the first MOC on the list in development, or at least, the first MOC that I have in development. This is gonna be based off of the scene we see in the second trailer for The Force Awakens, in which a First Order Special Force TIE is blowing apart the hangar of an imperial cruiser, presumably one of the newly designed Star Destroyers. This scene is rumoured to be based around Finn, played by actor John Boyega, escaping from the ship using this TIE fighter. It’s said that he is a StormTrooper, and due to some sort of traumatic incident, he decides to leave The First Order, stealing the TIE and crashing it on Jakku, meeting Rey and setting the events of the film off with the Stormies right on his tail. The MOC comes out after I’ll of seen the film however, so I may edit it slightly afterwards to make it more accurate. For now, lets assume that this rumour is true, and that’s what the MOC is based on.

I’ll be purchasing a Special  Forces TIE, First Order Transport and First Order Snowspeeder to get the correct vehicles and figures. Since that foreign Amazon listings have revealed details of the set, and have said that regular, plain StormTroopers (not counting pilots or Flametroopers etc.) will only appear in the transporter and nothing else, I’ll not be able to release the MOC as early as I’d like, but since battle packs will be released in January as with every year, it’s been heavily rumoured that we will get 4 of these guys in one of those sets, hence why I’m waiting to January.

It is worth noting that I’ve already started this MOC and the general look of it is almost complete, it’s just the floor and a couple other details, and then it’s just the sets themselves I need to add.

#2 – Stephen’s Tatooine MOC! — N/A

Screenshot (20)
From Stephen’s latest update video.

Stephen hasn’t given any sort of indication as to when we’ll be getting this MOC, but I put this one next as It seems logical. It may well not be until March next year, but I have a feeling that it will be before MOC #3 on this list, and I doubt it will show up before January due to the level of progress.

This MOC is not primarily based off of anything in particular, but  instead incorporates many different elements from across the original trilogy, such as the Tusken Raiders and Sand Troopers from A New Hope and Jabba’s Palace from Return Of The Jedi. I’m in touch with Jason a lot more than Stephen, so I have the same extent of  knowledge as most regular channel viewers here. It seems Stephen will be using primarily the Rebels-Style “Italian Moustache” StormTroopers with custom pauldrons added, along with the Jabba’s Palace and Rancor Pit sets.

#3 – Captain America : Civil War — April / May 2016!

I can’t wait for this film!

Next on the list is another MOC with a confirmed release time. This MOC will be based completely around the climax of the third Captain America film, which is basically nothing to go on at this moment. We have had literally no news about the film as of yet aside from set photos, but we have had no trailers, official posters or pictures and info on the LEGO sets. As such this MOC has no threads at all at the moment, but around October – December time we should get our first trailer and then I can start planning ahead. It’ll feature all the main characters, and as with my Avengers : Age of Ultron MOC earlier this year, it’ll be inspired by the film instead of being 100% accurate. I’ll probably end up getting most of the sets in order to complete my MOC, as main characters will likely be stretched across them.

#4 – Part 2 Of Stephen’s Arcade! — N/A

Screenshot (21)
Part 1, as revealed in March.

Ok, some people may argue that the predicted time of release for this MOC is way off, and that since it is only one baseplate and quite small, it may actually come out before even the #3 MOC on this list. Well, I can see why that is plausible and could well happen, but my thought process is that Stephen would want to finish off his Tatooine MOC before starting another one, and another point is that Stephen hasn’t even started this second part yet. as such, it’s safe to assume it’ll be a while until it comes out.

I expect it will feature some more modern games as this centre is not purely an arcade centre. I also think that some of the newer products on The Brick Show Shop will show up in this MOC, such as the Brickcraft Machine.

#5 –  Star Wars : Rogue One — December 2016 / January 2017!

This logo was all I could find for an image…

Yes, I’ve really planned this far ahead, to the point where I have now planned a MOC 18 months away. Because of this, there’s no guarantee that I’ll actually go through with this MOC, but I’d like to think I will. That is, if we even get sets for this film, but this is pretty much confirmed anyway. Again, we know literally nothing about this film so far ; Gareth Edwards is the director, Felicity Jones stars as a Rebel Soldier, and it’s about stealing the plans for the Death Star that will lead to the events of A New Hope. And that’s  it. As a result, I have no idea what this MOC would be based on, but I’ll probably find something I’d like to make in LEGO.

# – Rumoured MOCs…

Of course, It’s entirely possible that some new ideas could pop into our heads and we end up making another MOC not on this list, or we watch a film and like it more than expected, resulting in an unplanned MOC based on it. And of course, Jason may choose to do a few, since he’s previously not been included at all on this list.

So, here’s the full list, keeping in mind it may be edited in the future :

#1 Star Wars : The Force Awakens Hangar Scene – January 2016

#2 Stephen’s Tatooine MOC – N/A

#3 Captain America : Civil War – April / May 2016

#4 Stephen’s Arcade : Part 2 – N/A

#5 Star Wars : Rogue One – December 2016 / January 2017

So, there we have it, the full list! If any new MOCs come up, be sure to check back to see their details, here on






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