The LEGO Halloween Set 40260 Is The Next Seasonal Vignette.

It seems that LEGO’s next seasonal offering further confirms this year vignette collection. While most of us are warming up for Valentine’s Day and may have probably set aside a box or two of the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic 40236 for that special person in mind (you may want to check out Stephen’s review by clicking on the link above), and others have already grabbed their LEGO Easter Seasonal Set 40237, LEGO has now revealed its upcoming seasonal vignette slated most probably for October.

Thanks to Eurobricks member LegoLeroy, he was kind enough to share this image of the next LEGO Seasonal set which he found at the back of the building instructions of the Easter set which he and his wife purchased from their local LEGO Store.


Brickset has listed this next seasonal set as the LEGO Halloween 40260 which features two minifigures – a skeleton and a male, Bruce Wayne-like minifig – and a spooky castle gate of some sort with some great pieces like the pumpkin head, spider, and a cauldron for cooking a rather nasty meal. The gate seems to lead outside, against an orange sky that gives it a three-dimensional depth. Needless to say, the set comes with very interesting pieces that builders will surely want to have. The color scheme is predominantly black, but unlike 2015’s Trick or Treat Halloween (40122), this year’s Hollow’s Eve set comes with various unique elements that are pretty useful for builders. I particularly like how this year’s sets are designed, especially when it highlights the simple joys of celebrating the holidays with others – even if it is just an animated skeleton.

Our best guess is that there are still two seasonal sets waiting to be revealed just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What do you think about this year’s LEGO Halloween 40260 set? Will you be picking this one up?



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