These Chibi-Sized LEGO Automobiles Are Absolute Head Turners.

Chibi VW Beetle_01

They say that great things come in small sizes, and we couldn’t agree more upon stumbling on the wonderfully miniaturized MOCs of LEGO automobile Master Builder Gerald Cacas. It makes us wish that LEGO could have come out with this sort of set, a kind of a complement to its larger siblings such as the soon to be released LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle (10252). As it seems, Gerald was captivated by the looks and curves of the new LEGO VW Beetle that he decided to come up with his own. What’s equally impressive is that he was able to do so with the minimal parts available to him. Take a look.

Chibi VW Beetle_02jpg Chibi VW Beetle_06

Amazingly, the scaling and color scheme is totally spot on – a complete miniaturized replica of 10252. It even has all the features of the original LEGO VW Beetle as previously shown in its LEGO designer video, with its functional hoods that features a spare tire and engine bay. You can even remove the roof if you want to feel some summer breeze along the way before hitting the waves. The roof itself is able to hold a mini surf board and cooler.

Chibi VW Beetle_05 Chibi VW Beetle_04 Chibi VW Beetle_03

On the other hand, in case you feel the need for speed, Gerald also has the perfect ride for you. While waiting to have the new LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056) arrive at his doorsteps, he fancied himself with a smaller box, and the results were equally astonishing.

Chibi Porsche_07

Similar to his chibi LEGO VW Beetle, his miniaturized Porsche is amazingly detailed and perfectly scaled. Using only a few LEGO pieces, Gerald’s MOC was able to capture the intricacies and details of its much bigger sibling. His clever take on the engine and dashboard is absolutely impressive.

Chibi Porsche_01 Chibi Porsche_02 Chibi Porsche_05 Chibi Porsche_04 Chibi Porsche_06 Chibi Porsche_08

If Gerald is planning on coming up with his own book on how to create astounding LEGO miniature vehicles, then we’ll probably be the first to buy one. You may check out the rest of what’s inside Gerald’s garage over at his Flickr and Facebook pages.

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