LEGO Physics

A casual scan over at LEGO Ideas yielded a ton of great finds. Since its inception back in 2008 when it was yet an offshoot of the Japanese website Cuusoo, the concept of giving LEGO fans the opportunity to see their ‘ideas’ come to life and be supported by others seems to be a great way to catch the pulse of what the LEGO faithful have to say.

With thirteen official sets that have won the support and approval of both the LEGO community and top brass alike (the latest being Jason Allemann’s LEGO Maze, 21305), there are still a handful of LEGO Ideas projects that are waiting in line to be produced. If you’re not yet familiar with how LEGO Ideas work, you may check out this video. Take note however that you have to be 13 years old and above if you wish to vote for a particular project that caught your fancy, or if you want to submit your own.

One particular LEGO Project that has gone past the 10,000 vote requirement and now being reviewed is this cool set from German builder Christian Bechinie who goes by the username kleinraum42 over at LEGO Ideas. Dubbed as LEGO Physics, his original creation is a serious study of motion presented in a visually delightful way using LEGO bricks and parts.

LEGO Physics 04 lego-physics-growing-dominos

LEGO Physics 05 LEGO Physics 01

Christian’s set is comprised of 200 flat-sided Lego “dominoes” and an intricate marble run that sends multiple balls around a roller-coaster-style track. It also includes a working catapult triggered by falling pieces, plenty of curvy ramps and a point at which multiple balls stack up to set off the next stage of the machine. The grand finale involves a small kinetic sculpture rotating through the air that can really wow even the most expert engineers and builders.

Another cool thing about Christian’s original work is that each part of the set teaches and describes a particular ‘mini lesson’ in terms of movement and use of space. He even posted several videos on his YouTube channel to describe the mechanisms involved in his LEGO Physics Set. We appreciate Christian’s efforts on coming up with these videos because it acts like a tutorial on how each part of the Physics set works, making it more user friendly.

LEGO Physics 03 lego-physics-catapult

We sure hope to see the thumbs up sign for this LEGO Ideas project. Other than Jason’s LEGO Maze, the LEGO Physics set is the only one that features more value in terms of usability and playability and the potential for being a fun teaching aid. Watch this video to see the LEGO Physics in motion.

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