If you’re as super as Batman, as the latest cliché goes, you just don’t get one movie trailer, but two in just a week. With the official release of the LEGO Batman Movie trailers just a few days ago, the Dark Knight is certainly getting some pretty decent media mileage. Other than the usual antics of egocentric DC superhero, fans are eager (and anxious, perhaps) to see how the latest LEGO cinematic masterpiece will give justice to the iconic home of the Caped Crusader.

Just a few months, LEGO paid tribute to this legendary hideout by introducing the LEGO Batman Classic TV Series  – Batcave (76052) celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Batman TV series. With as many as 2,526 pieces, it is one impressive LEGO set that no Batman fan should ever miss.

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But one LEGO builder seems to be insatiate. His concept of the Batcave, frankly speaking, is too overwhelming. Dan Glasure has a different vision for the Wayne Manor and his customized Batcave.  In keeping up with our crime-fighting vigilante’s secret identity, Dan’s take of the Wayne Manor bespeaks of the duality of the life that our Caped Crusader has to live. Oh, wait, I wonder if Batman’s ropes snapped while he was doing his wall climb…

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Stepping inside the Batcave, you’ll be welcomed with Dan’s painstaking attention to details so much so that you must take a long look to appreciate its complexity. Placing the bats on the Batcave’s ceiling is one really cool addition.

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As you go further inside Dan’s Batcave MOC, you will notice how he paid attention even to the smallest section of the lair. Batman’s command center is truly a feast for the eyes so as the collection of arsenal that the Dark Knight has at his disposal. Take a look at how he cleverly placed the backlight behind the panel that contains one of his Bat suits.


Of course, the classic Batman will be short of incomplete without his iconic Batmobile. Handsomely placed on top of a revolving platform, Dan opted to include the Boy Wonder’s ride as well.

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Be sure to drop by Dan Glasure’s Flickr page for more photos of his amazing tribute to the classic Batman series.

The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters on February 10, 2017. It features the voices of Will Arnett (Batman), Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Michael Cera (Dick Grayson aka Robin), Rosario Dawson (Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl), and Zach Galifianakis (The Joker) directed by Chris McKay.


Source: LEGO Gizmodo

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