This Customized LEGO Dimensions Gateway Features An Impressive Digital Collection Of Micro-scale Creations.

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LEGO Rebrick’s Build Your Gateway Contest officially ended its submission of entries last May 16 and since then, an expert panel of judges from the LEGO Dimensions team, including representatives from the LEGO Systems, Inc., WB Games, and TT Games reviewed all 115 entries submitted to determine who deserves the honor of being recognized as the coolest, customized LEGO Dimensions portal ever built.

After more than a month of brainstorming and deliberation, we now have a grand champion through the work of yop1172. Entitled as Bonus Gateway, his MOC features all of 14 LEGO Dimensions’ worlds as seen in the game rendered in micro-scale form. Though our own selections didn’t make it to the cut, the judges did an excellent job in choosing the winner.

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Yop1172’s digital, micro-scale LDD renditions are absolutely fantastic, especially when you think about how he/she was able to fit all 14 worlds in such a cramped space. Using symbols and shapes that are commonly associated with the worlds is an ingenious way of maximizing space provided by the Toy Pad’s platform – and the result is short of amazing. My personal favorites are the micro-scale versions of the Tardis, and the Dark Tower of Barad-dur from Lord of the Rings.

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Other than the bragging rights, the grand prize winner gets to bring home a bounty which includes a LEGO Dimensions starter pack, 1 Level Pack of their own choosing, and a one-of-a-kind brick-built LEGO Doctor Who figure standing at 20 inches tall with an estimated value of $2,000 USD.



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