Let’s face it: perhaps the most daunting task of being a LEGO fan is when it all comes down to that point where you’re simply lost on how to give order among that chaos of bricks and pieces. There is nothing more troublesome than a disorganized collection that can easily dampen your motivation in pushing through with your next big MOC. So how do we go around in this organizing business?

Reality check: the internet is riddled with many good-intentioned advices on how to organize your rainbow-colored abyss of plastic bricks. But truth be told, there is no single, most effective way of sorting any LEGO collection. The possibilities are endless and when you think you struck gold in discovering what works for you, humbly bear in mind that it may not be the best for that next door neighbor who is now pulling his hair for stepping into that 2×4 brick for the nth time.

However, not having a gold standard of putting things in order doesn’t mean that we don’t have to start somewhere. Jennifer at TheBrothersBrick understands this very well. She gives five practical tips that will make life easier for you and for those around you who shares the house with a LEGO fanatic.

  • Tip #1: Use containers.
  • Tip #2: Label these containers.
  • Tip #3: Kick yourself for procrastinating (I mean that annoying habit of setting things aside or delaying them until a later time).
  • Tip #4: Create some ‘white noise’ while sorting – listen to music, or even a podcast as you sort and organize your bricks. I promise you, you’ll be more focused in what you’re doing.
  • Tip #5: Fine-tune your organizing system.

If these tips are not enough to roll up your sleeves and start that brick-picking work, sometimes the best way to push yourself is to be inspired by those who made it. Take a look at these 7 glorious examples of LEGO workspaces that will hopefully challenge you to do the same, without turning green out of envy.

Now, if I can just find the vacuum cleaner…

LEGO Room Panorama

My Workbench

// Wall//

Storage and Sorting


Lego Room Build

// Room 2015//

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