Tom’s Top Five : Most anticipated LEGO of 2015

First off, some background information.

So, if you guys haven’t noticed  from the last few articles ; I’m not Jason. No, I’m not Stephen either. Can’t guess? That might be because I’m brand new, and having done nothing previously for The Brick Show it’s understandable that I’m known by literally none of you fine folks. So I’ll give you a formal introduction.

I’m  Tom, and I am a standard TFOL (Teenage  Fan Of Lego) who is aspiring to become a journalist. I sent Jason some examples of some reviews, he liked them, and here I am. I hope to be here some time, and as such I feel it’s necessary for you to get to know me as you have gotten to know the guys over the years. So in the midst of all the set news and reviews, I might do a few little pieces with my own personal touch, so you can know a bit more about my attitude. So here we are with the first of those posts.


A lot of LEGO is coming out this year, so it might be a good idea to give you a run-down of my personal top five LEGO items I’m looking forward to.

#5 : New Video Games!


In 2015, we will be getting both an Avengers themed and a Jurassic Park themed video game. These are both exciting, although I am looking forward more to Jurassic park simply because of the refreshing nature of a new brand, and the Avengers may just be a re-hash of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. After seeing Age Of Ultron my views may change however.

#4 : Avengers : Age of Ultron Sets!



So not only do we get an Avengers game but of course we get Avengers sets. Which is cool. I personally adore these sets based off of the images we have been given, although I doubt I’ll b able to afford many after £270.00 (Yes, I’m British) is subtracted after a certain Avengers mobile command center is released in March…

#3 : New Minecraft sets!

I won’t post any images as they seem to be rather poor quality, but the new Minecraft sets look very good based off of the minuscule detail I can make out from the pictures; wolves, blazes, dungeons, armored mobs, pigmen, and Alex (Who shouldn’t even exist in Minecraft in the first place because Steve is fine and…breathe…). To summarise, they look good.

#2 : Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens sets!

Again, no pictures currently exist of these sets yet, but based off of pure conjecture, I can already tell that these sets will be incredible, and recapture that beautiful magic that the Star Wars theme has been missing since 2005 ; sets being released alongside films is just the best way to do it.

#1 : The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier! 


This set is easily the one that I’m looking forward to the most during 2015, with a release date of March 2015, and (I believe) February for V.I.P users. Literally the only reason why I may have to skip out on this set is because it might physically not fit on my shelf. That’s it. I have  no other complaints at all.

There we have it, my personal Top Five anticipated LEGO products this year. This is just my list, so feel free to disagree. What is your Top Five? Feel free to tell us in the comments!


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