brickfair walking ship

James Burrows, a certified AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), was kind enough to share his steampunk themed MOC in an interview with Beyond the Brick during the 2016 BrickFair held in the Birmingham Convention Center in Alabama last January.

Inspired by Jason Allemann’s Steampunk Walking Ship as seen in his JK Brickworks YouTube channel, James’ robotic walking ship is a replica of one the mechanical supply ship seen in the 1999 movie ‘Wild, Wild, West’ starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Using LEGO Mindstorms, James’ MOC consists of a series of cams that goes around the robot that pulls the legs at certain pivot points. Operated remotely, the walking ship has very smooth balance and responsive set of controls as you can see from the video below:

Here is Jason Allemann’s Steampunk Walking Ship where James got his inspiration.

This is one MOC that James will definitely share again in the next BrickFair. The BrickFair LEGO Expo showcases some of the very best MOCs (My Own Creations) made by LEGO adult fans and several best buys for LEGO bargain hunters. Upcoming BrickFair shows will be at Marlborough, Massachusetts (May 21-22), Chantilly, Virginia (August 6-7), Somerset, New Jersey (October 29-30), and back in Alabama on January 14-15, 2017.

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