WATCH: This 15 Year Old’s LEGO Star Wars Vignettes Are Absolutely Amazing.

One nice thing about last month’s Brickworld Chicago 2016 is that the program organizers are keen in spotting budding LEGO building talent from a mile away. Regardless of age, and as long as natural talent and  deep passion for the LEGO brick is there, you can bet that Brickworld will surely give you the right opportunities to shine. Such is the case of our young aspiring LEGO master builder, Drew from Illinois. Starting his first LEGO experience with the LEGO Creator Dino Pod (4418) at age of 6, Drew has now gone a long way since then.

With 8 Star Wars themed MOCs to flaunt at Brickworld this year, Drew’s creations quickly caught the attention of the Brick Show team. Here’s a look at his LEGO Star Wars vignettes that features some of the most memorable moments in the Star Wars verse. Here are some pretty decent shots.


Star Wars Garbage Compactor MOC from Episode IV – A New Hope


This is Drew’s entry for Brickworld two years ago, which he decided eventually to present once more in Brickworld Chicago. In this scene, R2-D2 has to hurry up and deactivate the trash compactor if he wishes to save his master and the rest of our heroes.


Star Wars Order 66 MOC from Episode III – The Revenge of the Sith


Based on the sad demise of the Jedi in Star Wars Episode III, Drew was able to capture the most dramatic scenes in this event, paying particular attention to the locations where they happened: Kashyyyk, Saleucami, Felucia, Mygeeto.


Star Wars Wookie Tree Oupost from Episode III – The Revenge of the Sith


Drew had this MOC as his entry during the first annual Star Wars MOC Olympics from MOC Pages which was held last year. Making it up until the third round, Drew wasn’t successful in bagging the grand prize, though he did have fun coming up with this entry.


Star Wars Battle of Umbara – Clone Wars, Season 4


This MOC features a scene in Season 4 of Star Wars The Clone Wars wherein Fives or CT-5555 takes on an Umbaran.


Star Wars Republic Base on Talus


Drew’s final and largest MOC that he brought to Brick World features an impressive, large scale battle scene between the cloned Stormtroopers and the persistent and equally determined droids. It features working LED lights and other play features.

Here’s a video clip of Drew’s interview as he explains the features of his MOCs. We certainly hope that Drew will continue to have the passion to come up with grander Star Wars build later on in the future.

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