WATCH: Video Gameplay For LEGO Dimensions’ Sonic, Gizmo, And More Featured At The SDCC 2016.

IGN Lego Dimensions 02

With the recent trailer of Sonic’s gameplay in LEGO Dimensions Series 2 now out, it will certainly be nice to see how the Blue Blur will interact with the rest of the gang. IGN’s Brian Altano and Marty Silva had an exclusive interview with LEGO Dimensions’ Game Director Arthur Parsons over at the San Diego Comic-Con where the latter also showcased the various abilities of the newest characters to be included in LEGO Dimensions. Watch the interview below and see how Sonic, Gizmo, and E.T. play around inside Jake and Finn’s Adventure Time Treehouse.

Obviously, Sonic’s strongest selling point is his lightning speed coupled with his Acrobat ability and pretty cool grind rail moves. Gizmo’s Combat Roll and Dash Attack abilities can be used to get him out of sticky situations, plus he comes with a great looking Rambo costume when he uses his ranged attacks. E.T. looks so cute as he moves along in LEGO Dimensions with his Illumination and Fix-It abilities. It’s a great time to be a kid of the 80s once more with all the modern and classic characters teaming together in one cool mashup video game.

IGN Lego Dimensions

These LEGO Dimensions Series 2, Wave 2 expansion packs (or Wave 7 considering its continuity since Series 1) are due for release just in time for the holidays starting November 18, 2016, while Wave 6 is due to be out by September 27. Wildcard Toys have listed LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 for pre-order, featuring the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack (71246), LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack (71247), LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible Level Pack (71248), LEGO Dimensions The A-Team Fun Pack (71251), and the LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack (71242).


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